No one knows suits better than Giorgio Armani and he strongly re-asserted the dominance of his knowledge in that field this morning with a spring/summer 2014 collection that gives the Armani woman plenty of choices from casual to formal to absurd. Take your pick, there’s something for just about every conceivable occasion.

Okay, so there’s really not anything new in the way of silhouettes here. Do you really want Armani to go off experimenting on a concept he already covers so very well? So yes, the suits have sharp masculine tailoring. but he gives one a sufficient variety of lengths and styles, from long, formal day coats, to cropped bolero jackets and even knit sweater suits. Pants and shorts have flat panel fronts with hard creases. Skirts are full enough to allow for movement, but don’t do anything to detract from the rest of the suit. Ensembles are well put together and carefully styled to present a complete, well packaged look many women will want to emulate. This is professional day wear perfection.

The Armani palette explores several different shades of blue and grey both in solids and with a large variety of prints that perhaps are at their best with blurred watercolor floral designs, but never over stated even when pretending to be striped. Scarves worn as Western styled bandannas (about the fifth time we’ve seen these in Milan) are about as adventurous as anything in this collection gets.

Dresses are a little more full as Armani opts for very simple sheath silhouettes for several looks but even here there’s a sense of careful tailoring. Care is taken that nothing gets out of control. After all, this is Armani. We don’t want something ending up where it doesn’t belong.

Well, almost. There were those hats. I’m not even going to try and guess what possessed Italy’s richest man to put over-sized mortar boards on the heads of three models. Sent down the runway as a single group, photographers barely managed to get photos snapped before the pink hat came floating off. The model made a quick grab to prevent it from surfing the audience, but its aerodynamics were such I’m pretty sure it could have made it to the end of the runway and made a turn on its own power.

This collection is predictable Armani, and it’s difficult to complain about that. Fashion can be crazy some times and its nice to know some labels are reliable. Just … stay away from those hats.

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