Soft, silky, and sensual is really the only way to describe this collection from Francesco Scognamiglio. In fact, I could almost stop right there and have said about everything there is to say.

Oh, I forgot sheer. Very, very, very sheer.

If one is familiar with the name Francesco Scognamiglio, and let’s be honest, his isn’t one we trip over on a regular basis, it’s likely known in connection with one of a handful of celebrities he’s dressed for stage performances. Given the nature of certain pop divas, it is easy to see why they would be attracted to Scognamiglio’s specific style and design.

These aren’t clothes for just every day, though. Wear something like this to the office and one is likely to be fired. Wear something from this collection to the grocery store and one may well be asked to leave. Wear just about anything from this collection on any street in the Midwest and one is flirting with arrest. There’s very little here that isn’t only significantly sheer, but lies very close to the body.

Not to say these aren’t attractive pieces. If you want the attention of every person in the room regardless of gender, this are the dresses and ensembles you want in your closet. Without a doubt, they are very alluring. I might also add there there is a touch, just a hint, of 70s influence in the puffy sleeves and some of the lace touches. Pencil skirts with ruffles along the hem are in great abundance, and there’s even one pair of very sharp looking white linen slacks. Yet, what makes this collection, whether one views it as naughty or nice, are the fabrics. Satin so very thing that it hides very little. Tulle that hides nothing. Silk that clings to the body as though it is afraid to not be attached to the skin. Lace that is decorative and beautifully embroidered in almost all the right places. These are the tools with which Scognamiglio crafts these garments of great enticement.

For the most part, this is a very light colored collection, with the greater portion of it being all white. Monochrome white works in this setting like no other. There are a few prints in browns and yellows, and when he got tired of everything being covered in lace Francesco introduced black sheers covered in lattice designs and beads. He didn’t stay with those looks for long and the tulle and lace were quick to return for the end of the set.

Francesco Scognamiglio presents a very specialized collection that, in many instance, almost looks more like lingerie than ready-to-wear. There’s no question whether the pieces are beautiful. The only question is how to safely wear them outside one’s own home.

Photo credit: Regis Colin Berthelier

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