Giorgio Armani wants you to know he is as proud of his day wear line, Emporio Armani, as he is his main brand. So very proud, in fact, that he wants you to see every look not just once, but multiple times in various colors. The result is a runway show so large that models came down the catwalk two at a time to prevent the show from being an hour long. One can forgive Italy’s master of fashion for his enthusiasm, though, because he has, again, created a day wear line of consummate wearability and good taste.

This spring/summer collection is so huge it just doesn’t make sense for me to try and catalog every look. Instead, let’s consider some of the major points that are consistent across the whole collection.

First off, you may be wondering exactly which button(s) one is supposed to button. Armani answers that question. If there is a button at or above the collar bone, secure that one button only and leave the rest open. If the first button is below the collar bone, then don’t fasten any of them. So saith Armani. So let it be done.

Second, Armani seems to be predicting a very wet spring. There are a number of slacks in this collection but every last one of them stops a good two inches above the ankle. I don’t know how it was where you were raised, but in Oklahoma we referred to that look as high water. Slacks were reasonably full as befits a mature woman, but not excessively so as we’ve seen with other collection. Instead, they are reasonably tailored and professional in appearance.

Next, rolled bandannas or scarves are in as substitutes for jeweled neck wear. This is good news for the do it yourself stylist as you probably already have a bandanna or two, and plenty of scarves sitting in a drawer somewhere. The catch is to match the primary color of the ensemble. Armani’s scarves are silk with floral prints, for the most part, which provides a visual break from the large number of solid colors in the collection.

There are a plethora of suits, darling dresses, some even off the shoulder and others with spaghetti straps, and even a touch of sheer. Silk is the dominant fabric, but there are touches of organza and cotton and leather scattered throughout as well. Stockings accompany many of the looks, often in white, but also with each leg in different colors as appropriate to the casualness of the style.

Don’t ask me what’s going on with the hair. Each head seemed to contain enough bobby pins to cause an airport metal detector to shut down. The base look is pin curls, but no care is given to hide all those pins.

As exclusive as the main Armani line is, Emporio Armani seeks to have something befitting every woman. Your perfect ensemble is waiting. Get ready to shop!

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