MFW: DSquared2 S/S 2017

DQuared2 S/S 17
DSquared2 Spring/Summer 2017. Photo credit: Monica Fuedi

Broad, poofy shoulders are a strong trend this season. I suppose we might have seen them bigger somewhere. Maybe. If so, I don’t immediately recall where. The shoulders on almost every ensemble Dan and Dean Caten sent down the runway were huge. So large, that if one happens to be planning on going out with her full squad dressed like this, not everyone’s going to fit in the minivan. This is a challenge for you and your girlfriends.

There really is only one silhouette to this collection: broad shoulders, long sleeves, ornamental breast plate, short skirt, and a funky-flavor rumpled piece of cloth around the short skirt, all on top of some of the thinnest stiletto heels I’ve ever seen. The looks vary in terms of fabric and decoration with the skirts sometimes being replaced by acid washed jeans or, later on, skater jeans, but the basic silhouette never changes.

So, now everyone can dress like glam rock twins from the 80s. The overall aesthetic is a blend of 1980s Michael Jackson and late 70s David Bowie. There’s plenty of sparkle, plenty of sexy, and an over abundance of attitude. There are times the decorations on those breast plates get a little narrow with plenty of sheer tulle revealing everything behind them, and there are times where the accessories and decorations are dripping so heavily that one isn’t sure what color the actual fabric is. These dancing divas are glammed out to the max.

We do see a surprising amount of animal print in this collection. While that look was big the three previous seasons, it has been almost invisible this season until this show. Perhaps the twins cornered the market on the supply and wouldn’t let anyone else have any. There was plenty of it in this collection and for a while it was in every piece we saw.

The boys seem to really like lilac this season as well. The color shows up most frequently in sleeves but shows up in highlights and accessories as well.

Glitter? Yes, there’s plenty of it here. In fact, there’s so much of it on those skater jeans that they almost look plastic as they come down the runway. My question is whether the sequins are going to be enough to get you into the club that has a no-jeans dress code? Might want to run that one by your favorite bouncer.

There is nothing shy or reserved about anything in this collection. Everything you see here has one intention: to party. Pick your favorite look and go for it. Party ’til you drop while you’re still young enough to have something that drops.

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