Casual, sporty, chic. How many times have I typed those words the past two weeks? We still have nine days left in this spring/summer 2015 season and I’m already beginning to feel dangerously curmudgeonly about styles and trends that I’ve seen in excess. Casual, sporty, chic is one. 70s influences is another. Earth tone pallets would be a third. While there’s nothing wrong with any of those styles in their own right and each is open to plenty of creative interpretation, fashion designers have never been ones to turn their backs on a good trend. As a result, we hit a point in every season where one has to be extremely creative in their approach to prevent a collection from looking too much like all the others.

Piero and Miriam Cividini were, unfortunately, not that creative. As I sit here waiting for still pictures to become available, I’m thinking of all the other shows from which I could probably pull images and no one be any wiser. The silhouettes are the same, loose fitting, roomy, sporty looks we’ve seen at least 20 times already. Fabrics are predictably light and predictably sheer with a few pieces of leather predictably tossed in because this is Italy after all. There are checks we’ve seen before. There are sheer tops and skirts that look frighteningly familiar.

Are they still good looks? Of course! If they weren’t good looks they wouldn’t be trending and we likely wouldn’t recall seeing them over and over again. The collection is attractive with all its natural and primary colors, and where it does manage to be different, such as with some early abstract prints, the effect is all the more glorious. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough of those glorious moments to drown out the cacophony of sameness permeating the rest of the collection.

Oh, and just to make matters a bit worse, there was a footwear mishap half-way through the show. Now, other season’s we’ve kept tally of how many times we’ve seen models throw or break a heel; such are the hazards of walking runways and sometimes the model’s response is quite entertaining. This season, however, there haven’t been as many mishaps because there haven’t been as many heels. Same with Cividini: sandals and tennis shoes are the chosen footwear for the collection. So, what happened? How does one fall off a sandal? The runway was narrow and the model half-way up it when the incident occurred, so I’m not sure if the sandal broke or, quite possibly, one of the guests accidentally stepped on it. Either way, it was an extremely noticeable distraction in a collection that was too happy to have a distraction.

There are a lot of good looks in this Cividini collection. They look a lot like the good looks in several other collections. A greater push on the creative side would really help this label stand out from the pack.

Photo credit: Gio Staiano

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