Ah, romance, Giorgio Armani has captured you once again and brings your soft, delicate look to a spring/summer collection that simply cannot wait to get out of the house and stroll along the nearest beach. With sand itself being the inspiration for this beautiful and luxurious line, it may actually feel out of place to wear this season’s Armani with a hard surface under one’s feet. These are looks that not merely urge one to get away, but grab one by the hand, bag packed, and shoves you out the door.

Armani always produces huge collections and this one is no different with over 100 looks sent down the runway this morning. So, tossed into this beachy mix are some python prints on leather and one look early that, so help me, looks like Dalmation spots. There is also a whole large section of business attire composed entirely of, naturally, suits. What is worth noting about that section is that the looks are a bit fuller, especially in the trousers, many of which are rolled up at the hem just a bit so that they hit mid-calf length. One will also note that even with the business look Armani pairs same-colored athletic shoes. There’s not a heel nor a hard sole in the entire line. Even when getting down to business, there’s still an emphasis on comfort.

Comfort reigns supreme through the vast majority of this neutral toned collection. There is a plethora of chiffon and silk in this season’s choices, most of which are printed with graceful waves of gentle color that mimic the ridges of sand along an ocean beach. Lines are soft, curves are very gentle and broad, and most everything that is not a suit floats through the air with grace and elegance. We see throughout a fair amount of fringe, large amounts of texture brought through careful embroidery, and a reasonable amount of sheer given the theme.

As the collection moves along, looks grow progressively more formal, moving gently from the kind of thing one might wear on the beach to the manner of  ensemble one might wear standing on the deck of a yacht watching the beach. Ironically, the fabrics brought to play in this collection are so fussy they’re not likely to actually respond well to being exposed to sand and salt water, but it’s the aesthetic that matters, not the practicality. With layers of sheer chiffon over layers of sheer chiffon, several of the final pieces have a jellyfish type of look that gives one an appearance of being a bit more full on top, narrow along the legs, but still light and floating through it all.

Everything shimmers and glistens as does wet sand, and one reaches the end of this collection ready to book flights to the Mediterranean so as to accelerate time until this spring/summer collection becomes available. While there is a touch of familiarity to some of the silhouettes, the overall looks are as fresh as ocean air. Armani picnics on the beach are going to be big next spring. One might want to schedule their vacation now. Armani has already packed your bags.

Photo credit:  Guillame Roujas

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