One of the similarities between Italy and Indiana is that both are quite taken with open wheel racing. The difference is that while Indy Car racing dominates the US market, F1 is the standard across most of Europe. Andrea Incontri attempts to capitalize on that fan base this season with a line of clothing that attempts to capture at least the spirit if not the look of F1 racing. Whether or not that attempt is successful … I’ll let you be the judge.

Incontri starts the collection with a very stylish approach to leather, carefully folded layers on a knee-length coats become large pockets on separates and broad pleats on skirts. The look is very attractive and just different enough to attract some attention. He then covers portions of dresses, ala crop top and broad hemming, with clear plastic, giving them a little bit of shine. On a palette of brown, green, gray and blue, the looks are both stylish and seasonal.

Then … things get short. Real short. Granted, pit girls wearing high waist shorts and crop tops are a common sight around F1 events, but these outfits, while seasonal in fabric and color, are just going to be cold. And they look like onesies. No, I’m not kidding. The look is interspersed throughout the collection. Sometimes Incontri does go with the crop top and shorts pairing, but the one piece look, even under a coat, makes me want to giggle.

The remainder of the collection is attractive and fun and very wearable at least through most of autumn. Striped pleated skirts matched with reverse striped tops are likely to get storefront placement come September. Prints that resemble the layout of an F1 course are fun and different. Sweaters are warm and sexy.  Toward the end of the collection we find a couple of floral prints with large, fluffy poofs in place of petals.

Andrea Incontri gives us a very fun and attractive collection for this fall. While the inclusion of the shorts pieces still has me a bit baffled, the vast majority would make delightful additions to your wardrobe. Incontri has no US outlets, though, so if you want any of these pieces you’ll have to order online.

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