Holy 70’s sheer! Gucci may have toyed with the bohemian look a bit, but Alberta Ferretti not only embraces it fully but sends it skyward with light and ethereal fabrics both sheer and lacy and incredibly romantic.

Seriously, this might be a good time to go ahead and hit the vintage stores because between what we saw in London, Anna Sui’s collection in New York, and what we’re already seeing in Milan I think it’s safe to say that the 70s styles are going to be a major part of next spring’s looks. For those of my high school classmates who still have clothes hiding in an attic somewhere, time to hand them down to the grandkids (don’t even pretend for a hot second you can still fit into those tight jeans).

Starting with several looks in as neutral tones, Ferretti comes at us with maxi dresses banded with lace, full-length fringed vests, voluminous princess sleeves, sateen hot pants, full-length woven leather dresses (with floral applique nonetheless!), and laser cut lace that is so intricate and beautiful that one might be tempted to just hang the clothes in frames on a wall. There is absolutely nothing in this entire collection that didn’t have us drooling in our seats and wondering just how far over our credit limit we might charge before being cut off forever. No, these are not going to be inexpensive, but they are going to be worth every last dime and then some.

While the collection hinges strongly on neutral tones, and does so very well, there are some lovely pieces in blue and printed silk late in the collection is bright and colorful. What’s amazing is how light weight everything looks, even when it’s done in leather. This whole collection just breathes with the fresh air of spring and summer, perfect for festivals and being outdoors and enjoying the planet. This is also a very large collection, with some pink and green thrown into the mix for those who don’t do neutrals well. Ms. Ferretti uses both the fringe and the laser cuts to keep each look fresh and different, but the thematic spirit of the 70s runs deep through everything.

Alberta Ferretti gives us a spring/summer look that is impossible to not love. Hair is down and looking natural, gently contoured cheeks in tones of peach keep the makeup looking as fresh as spring dew. Romantic and soft, this is a collection that is destined to be one of the label’s most popular, which is saying something given the strength of recent seasons. Preorders are being accepted, so clear off your credit card and start making a grab for your favorites. This is the look to have for spring.

Photo credit: Guillame Roujas


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