The first set of shows in Milan Fashion Week are behind us and if I had to describe the overall feeling here so far I would have to say that it is as if the entire country has decided to relax and take a few months off. At least, that is how designers want you to feel in their clothes.

While others today have taken us abroad on safari and exotic islands, however, Alberta Ferretti takes us to the beautiful Italian countryside for a holiday spent wandering through quiet fields, picking bouquets of wild flowers, and ending with a romantic wedding.  Everyone was ready to sit down to copious amounts of wine and pasta at the end of the show, full of smiles, telling stories, and young ones falling in love.

Ms. Ferretti started the show with a flurry of white folk dresses coming down the runway so close to each other that one barely had time to take in one before the next was there demanding attention. Peasant dresses with applique flowers on the bodice and rows of brightly colored ribbon on the skirts moved smoothly into cropped top separates with skirts lined with bold colors, some horizontal, some vertical. Simple shifts and A-line skirts were in abundance.

The bold lines soon gave way to floral prints, again with traditional Italian styling. Some pleated skirts were added, but what drew the most attention were a couple of layered tiered skirts, one in blue and the other in green, that hung on the models like beautiful cascading chandeliers.

A lovely set of black lace dresses, many with broad sheer panels came next but the florals quickly returned, first as prints laid out like fans, and then a return to applique on brilliant colored dresses of orange, green, red, and white. Could these be the bridesmaids dresses for next spring?

Quite possible. The final piece was a gorgeous white gown with just the perfect touch of appliqued flowers at the bustline. The gown was simple, elegant, and unassuming, perfect for an outdoor wedding in the shade of a large oak tree.

When one steps back and looks, Ms. Ferretti has created a collection of incredible elegance with amazing attention to detail and styling. Yet, she has done so with such a quiet and peaceful manner that all worry and stress seems to be whisked away. Oh, that such simple beauty would surround us every day.

Add this collection to your wardrobe and perhaps it can.

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