Alberta Ferretti
Alberta Ferrettii A/W 2015. Photo credit: Alessandro Garofalo /

If you’ve ever wondered whether it was possible to be in two eras at the same time, Alberta Ferretti has given us the answer: Yes! Not only can one be in two eras at the same time, but one can look absolutely beautiful doing so. Ferretti’s autumn/winter collection is inspired by the portraits of Italian Renaissance but with the most contemporary of twists: What if they took a selfie?

Oh, but first let’s talk briefly about the stunningly beautiful backdrop against which the Ferretti models walked. A massive video screen presented a woodland scene, rather like what one might imagine would be the setting for a favorite fairy tale. Over the course of the presentation, the sun rises and then sets again, creating a complete change in visual tone to match the changes in the clothes coming down the runway. Each piece had its own specific setting, allowing imaginations to wonder at the stories that might be created.

This is very much a storybook collection, too. There was lace and brocade and tapestry working together with long, flowing silhouettes reminiscent of an era were damsels were often in distress and heroes were inevitably there to rescue them. These damsels don’t need saving, though, they are very modern, very self-aware and probably well armed. Thigh high suede boots, embellished with an absolutely amazing around of detail, are probably hiding a blade or at least a canister of pepper spray. Large, billowing hoods of the Red Riding variety with enveloping capes are suitable for concealing most any form of weaponry a woman of style and substance might want. Rescue? She can take care of herself, thank you, but first she’ll take a selfie.

With billowing sleeves and flowing chiffon, lace collars the flower under the chin, there is a sense of make believe to this collection that contains a higher number of dresses than normal. The fact that many of them are sheer, continuing a look Ferretti really seems to like, speaks to her independence and confidence as a woman. These are no shrinking violets, but women who dream and are not afraid to chase those dreams.

“For me, it’s important to dream,” Ferretti said before the show. “If you dream it, it will happen.”  Cue music, cue sunset, fade to black.

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