Men Get Graphic in T-Shirts

The average Midwest guy has a stash of his favorite graphic T-shirts. Most often, the graphic T-shirt is the first option when getting ready. There is a problem however; guys are taking T-shirt wearing out of control. Thanks to the popularity of “The Jersey Shore”, some guys are under the assumption that you can wear a T-shirt anywhere. The out of control graphic designs, are a perfect lesson that less is more. Could you imagine the meeting, where a Bedazzler was brought up as a design option for fashion T-shirts?

Thanks to the Spring/Summer fashion shows in New York; designers gave men some direction. Designers focused on the quality and impact of the graphic, not the quantity. Designers were highlighting different ways of styling looks, around the classic graphic T-shirt. Past spring and summer collections, had more of a street vibe. For example, last year D&G presented a throwback to old school hip-hop. This year, the collection consisted of well tailored plaid shorts, in soft colors. Other designer collections paired the graphic shirt, with bright tailored paints and cuffed shorts. The focus is on the fit for men this spring.

I found the biggest inspiration, surprisingly, from the closing walk of the D&G Fall 2011 collection. In January, D&G presented their collection in Milan. The entire collection is pretty dope.  Although it is a part of the fall collection, D&G had great examples of how to rock the graphic T-shirt. D&G styled graphic T’s with a mix of colored trousers and street shoes. Looking past the bright colors and graphics, the fit of the shirts, were spot on.  Walking in the D&G Fall show was River Viiperi, popular runway, editorial, and campaign model.  I asked him, via Twitter, about his personal style of T-shirts. His response:

“…I have some new T’s I got a few weeks ago, and they are really soft. I think they are Hurley, not sure though. But anything that is comfortable and soft material is perfect. I hate T’s that after a wash they stay stiff and hard…” – @RiverViiperi

“The Men’s Fashion Revolution” has to start with the T-shirts. All guys own and wear them, and maybe it is time for guys to start caring a little more about their beloved staple. There are just some things to remember, besides the fact that not all T-shirts are created the same:

1.      A “BEDAZZLED” SHIRT IS NOT A STYLE OPTION. More dazzle might get you “noticed” but it will mostly make people question your taste and it won’t highlight your attributes better. More bling on the shirt does not equal dressy attire. Summed up, save the sparkle accent for the accessories and not across the back!

2.      DON’T BE TOO GRAPHIC. To step up your style game, stay away from immature slogans and graphic play on words. Unless of course, you are reliving your MTV spring break glory days.

3.      SIZE DOES MATER. Men need to be realistic about the proper T-shirt size. Wearing a shirt that is too small will not make you look more buff. Instead you will look like you are awkwardly wearing a small shirt. The easiest way to tell if you are wearing a proper fitting shirt is to check the shoulder seam. It should sit right above the shoulder. Become aware of the cut of your T-shirts too and your body type, be sure the two compliment each other.

It’s time for the men of Indianapolis to go ahead and purge your stash of T-shirts. Donate what you don’t wear or doesn’t fit any more and remember, that caring about your appearance will pay off in the long run!

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