Meet Our Summer 2020 Interns

Welcome to our Summer 2020 interns! We have one of our largest groups to date, which should make for an interesting but productive next few months. Nothing can stop them! Covid who?

Cory Cathcart

Hometown: Indianapolis
School: IUPUI
Major: Journalism
PATTERN Focus: Journalism
Instagram: @coreo_oreo

What kind of writing have you done?
The only published work I have done is with Campus Citizen at IUPUI. I write for myself most days doing creative writing, creative nonfiction, and world views in the form of personal essays.

How did you discover Pattern?
I was in NYC and I saw one of the print magazines in a bodega. I found out Pattern was from Indianapolis and was really inspired.

Where have you traveled recently?
Before the pandemic got really serious I traveled to Florida with my boyfriend. We stayed in his van and saw some friends and family while traveling almost the entire coast. We spent a few days in Miami which was really interesting. I loved the Art Deco district and we got to see the Versace Mansion.

What are some of your favorite bands or musicians?
Courtney Barnett is my favorite artist currently. I really like the band Crumb as well. Pink Floyd will always be a favorite.

Bre Cowan

Hometown: Petersburg, Indiana
School: Ball State University
Major: Fashion Merchandising and Design
PATTERN Focus: Styling
Instagram: @vivaciouslybre

How did you hear about pattern?
I actually got published in it and didn’t really know exactly what it was. I reached out to a photographer to “shoot my shot” and I got published. Once I knew what it was I had to be involved. The photoshoot was shot at a skatepark. We had a cool toned color scheme. Lots of blues and yellows and white accents. I still love how it turned out but it was the first shoot I ever styled so there was definitely lots of room to learn.

Fashion item you can’t live without?
I would say jewelry. People might be intimidated by it but I wear it everyday. It’s how I spice up my outfits. That or hair clips. Those are really great too.

Dream celebrity to work with?
Megan Ellaby. I love how effortless her style is. It’s whatever she chooses to wear that day. She posts without caring what people might think about it. I also want to expand on my social media so I look up to her in that aspect as well.

Is there anything else creative that you do other than fashion?
I like to make art journals so I draw and sketch a lot in them. I also like to do a lot of collaging. My friends each have one so there is an aspect of collaboration as well. I try to stay away from quotes and put a twist on everything I do. I’m scared of being “basic” so I do my best to spice everything up.

What are you looking forward to most working at Pattern?
I would just say learning to take initiative. Knowing that it’s in my control to make the best of it and that it will broaden my horizons. Finding new ways to express myself in fashion as well.

Max Denari

Hometown: Carmel
School: Ball State University
Major: Strategic Communications
PATTERN Focus: Photography
Instagram: @denariphotos

Any future travel plans you are excited for? Any past ones that are important to you?
I would like to travel to Southern Africa. I am also looking forward to returning to Australia in the future.

How did you get started with photography?
I got into photography on a trip to Scandinavia in 2017 borrowing a friend’s Nikon. I eventually bought said camera and began working as a photographer.

Do you prefer film or digital?
I like shooting both. As far as total content goes, I have more digital work, but I enjoy shooting film more.

What kind of photography are you most interested in?
I do music photography around the city. I like shooting underground shows and had a feature in Volume 16 of PATTERN from a show at State Street Pub. Gunnar Stahl, a hip hop celebrity photographer is my current favorite working photographer. I also like architectural photography. The aesthetic of lines and shapes in this type of photography is appealing to me.

Goals For the Summer 2020 PATTERN Internship?
Making connections and collaborating with other interns.

What is your favorite book?
The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak.

If you could go to one world famous event, what would it be?
Fifa World Cup.

JD Fritzeen

Hometown: Madison, CT
School: Taylor University
Major: Communications
PATTERN Focus: Social Media
Instagram: @fritzfashion

Recent trip or travel memory?
During the month of January, I went to Greece as a volunteer with EuroRelief to assist with upkeep of refugee camps.

Favorite song or artist?
I’m eternally obsessed with Sam Smith but have to give honorable mentions to Lizzo and Dua Lipa.

First fashion memory you can remember?
In fifth and sixth grade, I remember wearing monochromatic outfits. I’m sure nothing really matched, but it was a good hearted first try at “fashion.”

What are three things that are essential for you?
Skincare, coffee houses (the atmosphere is unmatched) and avocado toast.

Personal and internship goals?
As far as the internship, I’m really interested in fashion, so I’m excited to learn about the publication part of the overall industry because it’s so different from the fashion design or stylist side. As far as my personal goals, I mean, who doesn’t want to be the editor-in-chief of Vogue? I’d also love to work for a sustainable label and help grow that brand to where it can compete with others that may not have those same values.

Hannah Gardner

Hometown: Fishers, Indiana
School: Indiana University
Major: Graphic Design
PATTERN Focus: Graphic Design
Instagram: @beankittenbaby

Favorite food?
I like everything, but I think I am going to go with sushi!

Where do you get your graphic design inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from Instagram and Behance. If I had to describe my style I would say it is bold, yet playful and colorful.

Favorite travel memory?
San Francisco! I love the atmosphere of city life, and I think it has a uniqueness that other big cities do not have.

What do you do on a rainy day?
I make slime, create dream boards, and doodle!!

Goal for Summer 2020 internship?
I want to broaden my style as a designer and keep evolving and also to make amazing memories here at PATTERN.

Olivia Henderson

Hometown: Muncie
School: Ball State
Major: Telecommunications- Video Production
PATTERN Focus: Videography
Instagram: @oliviahendersun

What are your favorite and least favorite social media apps and why?
A favorite is Snapchat because I enjoy how casual it is, I don’t feel the same pressure to make things look super good which is how I feel when posting on Instagram. My least favorite would be Facebook, it’s a bit dated and the app is more confusing than it needs to be.

What kinds of challenges do you think the next generation will face?
Without getting too political I think that the main issues the next generation will face are the state of the health of the earth; as well as financial stability and security.

What are some unusual or out of the ordinary places you’ve been to?
Croatia- a small European country, it’s a small country but its really beautiful.

What movie can you watch over and over again without ever getting tired of it?
The 2007 version of Hairspray, has some iconic lines and I think the movie was definitely before its time. One of my favorite lines would have to be “Sorry darling I didn’t mean to dent your do!”

What mythical creature do you wish actually existed?
Fairies, they’re cute and small and noncontroversial.

List 3 things you can never leave the house without (excluding your phone)?
Shoes, my glasses, & chapstick.

Which celebrity do you think has the worst fan base/ support and why?
Lorde, I know she takes 5 years to produce an album but all the Lorde stans are being so demanding about her producing music and I’m sitting back like chill it’s worth the wait.

Alyseah Simone Ruggs

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
School: Ball State University
Major: Apparel Design, Minor in Telecommunications
PATTERN Focus: Social Media

What is your dream job?
I definitely want to own a business such as my own clothing line (named: Alyseah Simone), an eCommerce boutique, and storefronts in Chicago and Atlanta. On the side, I’d like to be a fashion talk show host.

Summer anthem?
“Fkn Around” by Phony Ppl feat. Megan thee Stallion.

Favorite Color to Wear?
It depends on the season. Right now, it’s a rusty-burnt orange or dusty pink. Those colors reflect the vibes of my portfolio, Instagram feed, and life in general.

Favorite summer 2020 fashion trend?
I’m really vibing with linen outfits for both business and casual, or monochromatic purple fits.

Dream vacation spot?
Anywhere with lots of greenery and the ocean somewhere in the distance. Somewhere peaceful with no noise, pollution, or distractions. I also imagine myself having breakfast outside of some boujee castle in England, drinking a mimosa in a cute outfit just because.

Trend you’d like to revive?
Merging 1920s with modern fashion. I love the pearls, feathers, extra-ness of 20s fashion. People lived their best lives and their clothes reflected that.

Most used app on your phone?
Instagram, definitely. My feed is made up of warm, earthy-neutral tones, which are colors I naturally gravitate toward.

Mackie Schroeter

Hometown: Fishers, Indiana
School: Indiana University
Major: Arts Management
PATTERN Focus: Styling
Instagram: @mackie.schroeter

What is your dream job?
To work at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Call me the next Anna Wintour haha!

Favorite musician?
Paramore! I have seen them live 5 times, so it is safe to say I have grown up with their music!

What are some of your passions?
I like to practice yoga, travel, and visit museums. As a member of the LGBTQ+ Community, it is also important for me to be a voice and support the people who have supported me.

What is your favorite brand?
That’s hard but probably Molly Goddard! I love how unique and whimsical her dresses are. Jodie Comer wore this huge pink tulle dress in the first season of Killing Eve, and I was hooked!

Goal for Summer 2020 internship?
I want to gain more confidence in myself and in my styling abilities. I also want to add to my portfolio and create lasting connections with creatives here in Indianapolis and beyond!

Jeanie Stehr

Hometown: Zionsville, IN
School: Butler University
Major: Art & Design
PATTERN Focus: Photography
Instagram: @jjeaannnn

What is your favorite media for art and what do you find yourself creating the most?
I started out in painting and changed my focus more towards photography. My paintings and photos have the same flow. When staging a photoshoot my paintings usually have the same layout. They also correlate a lot in colors, themes, and focuses. The main focus of my craft is usually people. Capturing them both on the lens and on the canvas. I really have no particular style and I find inspiration all around. I don’t shoot every day but my mind is constantly racing with new ideas to capture and create. I do however, paint or draw everyday. I’m really not a morning person, but I literally force myself out of bed, because I feel like I have the freshest ideas, bright and early.

What is your “spot”? Where do you love to go when you get the chance?
I’ve always loved Broad Ripple, it’s the artsy part of Indianapolis. I loved going there as a kid and now it’s actually where I live. I may have a lot of roommates, but it’s well worth waking up to a creative space every day. There are a lot of local shops and events always available for the people. It’s also right next to the canal which is fun to get out and enjoy as well.

What did you want to be as a kid and does it correlate with what you are now?
I wanted to be a vet and I actually studied animal sciences as a freshman in college. It’s kind of weird because it’s something I could definitely see myself doing and something that I was capable of doing, I just wasn’t as passionate about it as I am with my photography and my art. Art is really the only thing that feels natural to me.

Other than art what makes you just feel super happy?
My mind is constantly racing with new ideas for creating, so as silly as it sounds I really just love to watch TV and wind down. I’ve recently watched the shows The OA and Outerbanks. I also introduced my little sister to the Twilight series! They are my favorite movies.

What is something that you are proud of?
I am really proud of being from Indy. Going to Butler, a lot of students are from far away places who don’t see all of the hidden, magnificent gems Indy truly does hold. I am proud to say I’ve grown up in and am now a part of the ever rising creative industry that Indy possesses.

Emily Wright

Hometown: Thorntown, Indiana
School: Ball State University
Major: Journalism Graphics
PATTERN Focus: Graphic Design
Instagram: @em.wri

Recent trip or travel memory?
Before all the COVID-19 restrictions I got to travel to Iceland for spring break and explore the country. I am open water SCUBA certified and while in Iceland I dove in the Silfra rift (basically where two continental plates are separating) so that was pretty awesome.

Favorite song or artist?
Recently I’ve been really into Beach Weather, but that could change at any given moment.

First fashion memory you can remember?
When I was little I would make clothes for my Barbie dolls and stuffed animals, the construction was not strong but the creativity was there.

What are three things that are essential for you?
First coffee is a must, music which helps the creative process, and of course sunshine.

Personal and internship goals?
Specifically for PATTERN I am excited to work for a fashion magazine and gain experience in the fashion industry and I’m excited to expand my network.

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