Meet Our Summer 2017 Interns

Welcome to the Summer 2017 Interns’ first day at the Workshop. We are already busy on many new projects and stories that we can’t wait for you to see. In the meantime, get to know us, our passions and our plans for the summer.


Hometown: Qatif, Saudi Arabia

Age: 22

School: University of Indianapolis

Major: Graphic Design

How would you describe your personal style?
Colorful! I always like to add a pop of color, whether that is with makeup, shoes, or accessories.

What is your favorite summer fashion trend, and why?
I like bright colors and colorful prints. I love floral as well as sheer, silk, and lace textures. I also like the 80s style tops with big shoulders.

What’re your favorite places to visit in Indy?
I moved here about a year ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, so I haven’t had a lot of time to explore. My favorite place in Indy, however, is Sub Zero Ice Cream.

Allie Coppedge

Major: Marketing and Fashion business

Age: 20

What school do you attend?
Columbia College Chicago

Are there things on campus that you’re involved in?
I work in the fashion studies office, where I basically assist professors and the office with whatever needs to be done.

Has being in Chicago opened doors for you?
Yes, I’ve worked for a few fashion shows. I help backstage by dressing models and prepping the clothes.

What other opportunities have you had?
I have a visual merchandising class for Bloomingdales this fall. I also am my school’s National Retail Federation Ambassador, so I got to travel to New York in January for the big conference.

Would you be open to doing more than just marketing?
I am definitely interested in a lot of different areas within the fashion industry. Marketing is the next thing that I’m looking forward to learning more about and getting experience in. I also have interest in styling, merchandising, and buying.

Miller Kern

School: Ball State University

Major: Magazine Journalism

Minor: Fashion and Spanish

Where will you go after you graduate?
I hope to move to New York, but I would take a job in any big city on the East Coast.

What’s your first fashion memory?
I would say my first fashion journalism moment was in 5th grade when I watched The Devil Wears Prada for the first time. I was really intrigued by the lifestyle and I knew I wanted to be in a career similar to that.

What is your favorite attribute about yourself?
I think I have a good sense of empathy.   

If you had disposable income and a chance to live anywhere, what would your ideal living space be?
I would love to live in a really chic loft in a neighborhood of New York. It would have exposed brick and big windows—the industrial look but it’s not dirty.

What is the best thing you can cook?
I can cook anything with chicken. I make a mean chicken and pasta or chicken pot pie soup in the crock pot.

Sidney Hoerter

School: Ball State University

Major: Public Relations

Minor: Spanish

Why did you choose your major?
It’s safe, and I like to write. I’m fairly good at articulating myself, so I thought it would be a secure job area.

What’s your dream job?
I have a lot of dream jobs. Right now it would be a communications and marketing director at an art museum. I’d also like to be an art teacher, work in a publishing house, or write for Vogue.

Where do you see yourself living in a year?
Realistically, I see myself in Indianapolis or Cincinnati, but would like to be in Boston.

Why are you interested in fashion? At a very young age, my mom had a lot of clothes, and she would let me use her makeup and jewelry. I’ve always been into accessorizing myself. I went to a thrift store in high school to get a Halloween costume, and I found clothes I actually liked. So I’ve been into thrifting and vintage fashion since then.

What’s your favorite trait about yourself? I’m not shy, and I like that. Sometimes I’m loud, but I think it works in large groups.

Aliza Brown

Aliza Brown

Age: 21

How you found out about pattern:
When I went to the Art Institute, one day a blogger came in and talked to us and she told us that we should go to Pattern’s launch party. So I went to that and then I also knew a girl working at the Pattern store at the time so that’s how I got to know them/become involved. Later on I got approached about interning for them.

How did you get started in photography:
It’s just always been something I’ve been good at and interested in. I started taking pictures when I was little and that’s how I first got started. Then, when I had some extra money one time, I just kind of went out and bought a camera, spur of the moment.

What item in your closet you couldn’t live without:
This big, black floppy hat; I throw it on when my hair isn’t put together and it saves the day.

One thing you could change about the fashion industry: There’s a big diversity problem when it comes to different [and bigger] body types, especially when you look at high fashion.

What do you see in your future:
I just want to be more well rounded, I obviously haven’t hit my peak, I still have so much potential, so really just growing and working on that.

Ainger Alexander

Name: Ainger Alexander

Age: 21

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

School: University of Indianapolis

Major: Journalism and Public Relations

Favorite store: Ulta, I like makeup

Where do you get your fashion trends?
I get my inspiration from fashion blogs and my favorite blogger is Patricia.

How would you describe your style in fashion?
I would describe my style as glamorous and girly. I love feminine textures, like silk and mesh and I love accessories like body chains and statement jewelry. I’m always looking for a way to dress something up, even leggings and denim. 

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