Meet Our Summer 2016 Interns

Welcome to the Summer 2016 Interns’ first day at the Workshop. We are already busy on many new projects and stories that we can’t wait for you to see. In the meantime, get to know us, our passions and our plans for the summer.

Alex Belden

School: Indiana University

Major/Minor: Journalism and Sociology minor

Hometown: Westfield, Indiana

Favorite celebrity: My favorite celebrity is Rachel Zoe because of her flare jeans and round sunnies. She is assertive, she knows what she wants and she is inspiring through her style and personality.

Favorite cities: Although I have never been to Los Angeles, I think I would like it better than the Big Apple. When it comes to international places, I like Paris over Milan and Tokyo.

Favorite thing about Indy: My favorite thing about Indy is the art scene. The city offers a great art scene that not too many people really know about or acknowledge.

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Megan Broyles

School: Ball State University

Major: Visual Communications

On her childhood: I grew up in Noblesville, the plain Jane suburb, and I spent a lot of time painting with my grandma. She taught me that you can always fix a mistake, and I know that sounds Bob Ross but it’s true.

Dream job: My dream job is being able to start my own brewery and brand my company’s design. I also want to have a beekeeping farm so I can make honey and honey-infused beer. My high school art teacher is a beekeeper on the side and so that was always interesting to me. We’ve lost over 50 percent of the bee population, and it would be nice to give back to the environment.

What’s on her Spotify playlist: Led Zeppelin, Flume, Odesza, Børnes

Her first fashion memory: I loved this lavender popcorn shirt but it mysteriously disappeared from my closet which probably means my mom threw it away.

Favorite thing about the fashion industry: I’m interested in the debate of whether fashion is an art form or not. Being a graphic designer, a lot of fine artists don’t think what I do is an art form and a lot of them say the same thing with fashion. My interest is breaking that barrier and broadening the idea of what’s considered art.

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Jacob Click

School: Graduated from Ball State University in December 2015

Major: English

Hometown: Fairmount, Indiana

What’s on his Spotify playlist: White Album by Weezer

If he’s getting on rollercoaster: I want to be at the front because I don’t like seeing the people in front of me going down.

One person he really admires:  I started liking Omar Rodriguez 10 years ago and he was the first artist I ever really liked.

Favorite thing about Indy: It has this small town feel in the big city. My favorite thing to do here is going to Hi-Fi concerts downtown.

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Nick Olbina

School: Indiana University

Major: Arts Management

What he’s watching: I love “Devil Wears Prada” even though it’s an inaccurate depiction of what interning actually entails. I can also be found watching “Ancient Aliens.”

Favorite celebrity: Leonardo DiCaprio is my favorite celebrity. I don’t yet know how, but I will find a way to become Leo eventually.

On his favorite milkshake: If I wasn’t allergic to milk, I would eat cookies and cream milkshakes all of the time because they never get boring.

One person he admires: I admire Tim Burton because of his completely original and unique view on how art should be viewed. He revolutionized the way modern art is perceived, which I respect him for immensely.

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Mimi Oluwafemi

School: University of Indianapolis

Major: I’m an International Business major with an Economics minor. I was previously a French major and a music minor on top of all of that other stuff, but I had to focus on a subject if I wanted to graduate on time. 

On her childhood: I was born in Lagos, Nigeria and left when I was 4, then my family lives in the States for a few years when I was a child, mainly in the Washington, D.C./Baltimore area. Then we moved to Canada, where I lived in Ottawa, Ontario until I started college.

What’s on her Spotify playlist: Supermodel album by Foster the People. I know it’s not a new album but I’ve recently rediscovered it and I can’t stop listening to it.

If she was stranded on an island she would bring: Flare gun, axe, flint

Favorite book: One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez. It simply tells the story about the rise and fall of the mythical town of Macondo through the history of the family, but it’s just so profound in the way it tells the story. It almost condenses all of human history and tragedies into one story over a hundred years.

Favorite thing about Indy: The people

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McKenzie Price

School: Ball State University

Major: Photojournalism

Hometown: Logansport, Indiana

What’s on her Spotify playlist: Deep house music

Favorite movie: “Back to the Future” is my all-time favorite.

Favorite thing about Indy: The fact that I don’t know much about it, but I’m looking forward to learning more through this internship.

Favorite part about the Pattern Internship: This opportunity exactly mirrors my career goal. Though I am new to photography, I am excited to see the final products of my work and build up my portfolio.

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Christel Richard

School: Indiana University

Major: Marketing and International Business with German and Creative Advertising minors

Hometown: Carmel, Indiana

What’s on her Spotify playlist: Primarily indie music, Sufjan Stevens and Satellite Stories

Favorite movie: “Gremlins”

Favorite thing about Indy: Even though I’ve lived in the Indianapolis area most of my life, I’ve never really taken the time to explore and appreciate all that the city has to offer. Now working down here, I realize that there are so many cool opportunities and people and I’m so excited to experience it all.

Favorite part about the Pattern Internship: Fashion has always been a lifelong passion of mine, and I’m looking forward to working with an organization that works on creating more recognition and opportunities for the industry in my own hometown.

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Brielle Saggese

School: Indiana University

Major: Journalism with Fashion Culture and French minors

Hometown: Carmel, Indiana

What she’s listening to: I have two Adele CDs that I listen to back-to-back in the car; when one stops, the other starts.

What she’s reading: My favorite book is “A Thousand Splendid Suns” because it was the book that made me realize I was a feminist and made me want to use my own privilege to vie for gender equality.

Favorite thing about Indy: I’ve grown up here all my life so I have a lot of memories all over the city, but there are still places I don’t know and haven’t yet experienced. What excites me the most are the possibilities of so many new stories to learn and stories to tell.

Favorite part about the Pattern Internship: I’ve always been interested in fashion as an industry and enjoyed writing my opinions on the fashion industry. But what I like about Pattern is that it encourages you to use different mediums and avenues through which to explore the industry, not just writing but also design, film and photography.

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Julie Valentine

School: Stephen’s College

Major: Fashion Communications

Favorite celebrity: I love Lady Gaga because what is there not to love and she’s not afraid to put herself out there.

If she was stranded on an island: I would bring my phone to call someone to pick me up, water and obviously pizza.

Her most embarrassing moment: I was about to go on a date with this guy and my sister wanted to see a picture of the guy but I accidentally sent the picture of my date to him instead of her.

Her favorite thing about Indy: It’s the city, but it’s still home.

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