Meet our Fall 2018 Interns

Photography by Samantha Ripperger

Meet our Fall 2018 interns! The two of them are excited and eager to begin creating content for PATTERN and learning everything they can. Be on the lookout for what they bring to this season!

Chantal Dominique

School: Indiana Wesleyan University Class of 2018
Major: Photography
Hometown: Marion, Indiana

What would be your ideal job?
Having my home base in Indy but constantly traveling outside the U.S. to do fashion editorials. So whether that’s in Paris or Milan or wherever, being able to travel like crazy would be awesome.

What’s your favorite thing about Indy?
Probably the community in it. It’s a very artsy community, so almost everyone is willing to see art get pushed. And artists are really willing to help one and other.

How do you like to spend your free time?
Probably spending time with my family, being outside, or doing CrossFit with friends.

How would you describe your style?

Classy, sassy and business casual. Then again, I like to be comfortable so it has to have comfortable elements.

How did you hear about PATTERN?
One of my professors had interned here when she was a senior, so I originally heard about it through her. And I started going to the meet-ups when they used to happen. So I heard about the internship through that too.

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Julia Bluhm

School: Butler University
Major: Digital Media Production
Hometown: Waterville, Maine

What would be your ideal job?
My dream job would be writing for a magazine or media company about the arts, but I’m also very interested in humanitarian non-profits. I would be interested in working for one of them someday, particularly one that works with empowering women and young girls.

What’s your favorite thing about Indy?
I’m from a really small town in Maine, so Indianapolis feels like a big city to me. Everyone here is really nice, so it isn’t completely overwhelming. It also has a good sense of community.

Why did you apply for the PATTERN internship?
I heard about PATTERN when I saw the magazine in a book store and thought it looked really cool. I write for my school newspaper about arts and culture, and I also really like fashion, so it combined several of my interests and I really wanted to apply.

What’s your current most-played song?
I don’t know exactly, but it’s probably anything by Lorde or “Man on Fire” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

If you could interview anyone in the world, who would it be?
Probably Michelle Obama or Misty Copeland. Michelle Obama because she’s awesome! And Misty Copeland because I used to be a ballet dancer and she is a really good role model for young dancers.

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