Makeup and Outfit Inspiration: Valentine’s Day Edition

Photo by Wil Foster

Valentine’s Day is often associated with either an overwhelming sense of excitement, or an impending feeling of dread, depending on your relationship status. But, celebrating Valentine’s Day can and should not be limited only to those in romantic relationships. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the love in your life — and that doesn’t need to be defined by one person. Getting a group of your best friends together, or spending the day with family is just as great a way to spend the holiday. And, at the very least, February 14th is a great excuse to dress up and just have fun with it! So to help with this, we’ve rounded up a few Valentine’s Day inspired makeup looks and outfit ideas. We hope you’re inspired to try one of these, and we hope you have a great Valentine’s Day! Spread the love!

Classic Date Night

If you’re looking for a classic Valentine’s Day look, we’ve got you covered. Simple but stunning, this is a versatile look that will never go out of style. The eyeshadow, reminiscent of sweetheart candy, paired with red lipstick, combines to create a radiant, sophisticated look. Not to mention, the majority of the products used to create this look can be found at the drugstore, which is a major plus! Wear this look during the evening for a classic dinner date night with your significant other, or with your girlfriends!

Effortless Elegance

If you’re opting for a more dramatic makeup look this Valentine’s Day, this flirty smokey eye is for you. The shimmer of the eyeshadow paired with the glossy nude lipstick channels a glamorous, sultry vibe that’s perfect for a night out with your boo. Date ideas for this look are endless, from wine tasting to dancing to spending the night on the town.

Soft and Sweet

This is a more natural look that is perfect for a daytime Valentine’s date, or to wear to school or work. The delicate peach tones in this look are a nice alternative to traditional Valentine’s Day makeup. A date consisting of a walk in the park, a picnic at sunset, or a day at the beach or lake suit this look.

Fun and Creative

This look adds a fun Valentine’s day twist to everyday eyeliner that is bold yet subtle. The pink glitter eyeliner exudes girly vibes that can be dressed up or down. This dainty look was created solely with makeup from the drugstore, so not only is this look fun, but it’s affordable! Since this is a more creative makeup look, this would be perfect for a date to an art exhibit, museum, or concert!

The Showstopper

Full of glitz, glitter and glam, this daring look is the perfect nighttime choice for Valentine’s Day. This look pairs beautifully with a more luxurious outfit, so if you’re planning to spend your night at a fancier venue, opt for this dazzling look.

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