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How does one look fabulous and still maintain an air of mystery as they’re walking down the street next spring? Easy: wear one of J. W. Anderson’s super big, super floppy black hats. The hat, which is designed so that it folds just enough in front of the face to keep anyone from seeing who you are, dominated several of this looks in this otherwise largely minimalist collection. Regardless of the look under the hat, the hats are large enough that one barely notices anything else. So, one achieves a certain level of anonymity wherein they are likely to be known simply as, “The Hat.”

Minimalist structure and design dominates the clothes themselves. Folds and gathers are important on several of the ensembles, and even where Anderson chooses to use more traditional means of fasteners such as buttons and zippers, he still is careful to keep the lines clean and sharp. There is an intentional absence of embellishment which looks very good on these pieces. Hem lines run high and where there are separates one is likely to find the midriff goes uncovered. Surprisingly, collars ride very high on the neck, even to the point of being gathered under the right ear on some looks.

Colors start out with white but then move through the collection of jewel tones. There is one surprising graphic design in a blue and yellow sweater, and there is a blue and orange ensemble that is different enough to catch one’s attention.

A couple of curious elements are found in the details. Anderson finds short sleeves an interesting place to introduce asymmetry, with the left sleeve being noticeably shorter than the right. He also uses leather opera gloves on a few of the looks, which is rather bizarre for a spring/summer collection.

J. W. Anderson is one of those collections one either loves or doesn’t. His sense of styling is unique, attractive in a way that just doesn’t speak to everyone. But whether one likes the clothes or not, you’ll never forget those hats.

Photo credit: Guillame Roujas

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