There are three things Emma Farrow wants you to know about style.

  1. If you’re wearing a coat with both shoulders up, you’re wearing it wrong.
  2. If you’re look is not layered, you’re not finished dressing.
  3. Ya’ gotta work the boots.

Got that? Feel free to make adaptations immediately.

For the third show in a row, blue has been the starting color for today’s fall/winter collection. That’s not quite enough to supplant red as the color of the season, but it is a most interesting shift in hue and temperature. With Farrow’s Topshop collection, the blues are paired with gunmetal greys and black so that the effect isn’t quite so overwhelming.

I cannot understate how critical layering is to this collection, to the point I anticipate some older well-meaning observers warning the young wearers of these ensembles that their slip is showing, as though anyone still wears a slip. Of course, for many of these looks the actual presence of layers is an illusion, with light pieces of fabric sewn just under the hem of skirts, dresses, coats, shirts … well, just about everything. Still, that facade doesn’t negate the fact that putting coats over sweaters over long-tailed shirts over shorts over leggings is a very real thing.

Parental warning: It will now take your teen two hours longer to get dressed in the morning.

Not all the Topshelf looks involve over-the-knee suede boots, but the best ones do. These are soft, comfortable boots with a good, sturdy heel. Models were walking on finished concrete at the Tate Museum, a surface on which many people have slipped, but not a single wobble was seen from any of them. There are some ankle high boots in the collection as well, and for some looks they are definitely a sharp alternative. The shorter boot is also better suited for wet weather. Suede and snow isn’t exactly the best mix.

Being a young adult oriented collection, Farrow gets down with the furry pieces for several ensembles, though a great deal of that is faux fur. We see it used in everything from bushy scarves wrapped in endless loops around the neck, in vests, and in multi-colored coats worn, of course, with one shoulder half-way down the arm.

Topshelf is such a popular brand in Britain that they made the choice of opening today’s show to the public. Of course, pandemonium ensued when Kendall Jenner sat next to Anna Wintour and Topshelf CEO Sir Phillip Green, and you would have thought the circus was in town when the Moss sisters walked through the door. Still, once the lights went down everyone’s attention was on the clothes and there were plenty of crowd pleasers in the collection. I’m sure buyers took notice of which ones received the loudest response. You may have to shop quickly to actually catch the more popular pieces before they’re sold out.  This collection just can’t help but be a hit.

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