We know Topshop Unique is a sportswear label; always has been. That fact often gets lost, though, especially in fall/winter collections, as clothes skew more away from what one might consider traditional athletic wear. Last year’s collection of blue day wear hardly seemed all that sporty at all in many ways. Designer Emma Farrow corrects that path, though, with a spring/summer collection for 2015 that is undeniably sporty, very colorful, and a lot of fun. Sure, there are still a couple of dresses in the mix that are just too ruffly to be considered anything other than after 5 day wear,  but the majority of this collection are designed for active women with active lifestyles.

Right from the start, we see a number of tennis-inspired outfits with their short skirts and bold color blocking. Hemlines throughout this collection are generally pretty short, which one expects of the genre. Some are pleated, some are straight, all look sharp and are unencumbered by any unnecessary styling. Tops are more fitted, as one expects, though there is a lot more shoulder padding here than might be necessary. When worn by actual athletes, the pads might be a bit much, especially for swimmers and softball enthusiasts.

Jackets are a notable item in this collection as well. Most appropriate are the cropped styles with longer sleeves. Some are heavy cotton, but the most attractive, and the ones most likely to sell well, are well-tooled leather. There are plenty of sweaters, also, with modest V necks so they are easy to remove or put on without messing up hair and such. Pants, when they occur, are tight and stretchy, similar to what a runner might wear but not quite to aerodynamic in their construction.

One does have to watch out for visible panty lines with some of the white pieces, and where Emma brings sheer into play, uhm … something tells me those looks aren’t exactly regulation. The last few looks, in fact, are so sheer, and so heavy on the sequins, that one has to assume they’re meant for ice skating. Ice skating is not what I would generally consider a spring/summer sport, but with indoor arenas I’m sure they’re out there pretty much year round.

Active women with active lifestyles are going to relate strongly to this Topshop Unique collection. The looks inspire one to get out of the house and actually do something physical. Topshop easily facilitates online ordering as well, so no matter where one resides these are looks that can fit into your wardrobe.

Photo credit: Anna Palermo

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