As I’m sitting down to write this, I am very much aware that Indianapolis and much of the Midwest is getting socked with yet another heavy round of snow, more than the three inches originally predicted. All of a sudden the rain in London doesn’t seem quite so bad. However, there is something here that folks back home could really use about now: Todd Lynn’s boots.

Yeah, yeah, I know I”m supposed to focus on the clothes but this is Rock wardrobe guru Todd Lynn. Three quarters of the collection is black. Again. If you’re surprised you just haven’t been paying attention the past eight years.

These boots, though, are perfect for climates that get a lot of snow because of one specific feature: they are gathered at the top. Not all the way at the top, mind you. If you’ve ever tried tucking your pants legs down inside snow boots you know the uncomfortable problem that creates. No, these cinch about an inch above the ankle, then leave plenty of room above that for your pants legs! GENIUS! PLEASE tell me he’s making a version for men as well!

Okay, the boots aren’t perfect. The suede versions are not going to respond well to the snow, even though they look really cool. Walking in high heels on super-slick surfaces probably isn’t terribly advisable either. Oh, but the soles are bright red so if you do fall head first into a snow bank rescuers should be able to find you rather easily! See, these boots are almost perfect!

As for the clothes, like I said, they’re black … except for the ones that are silver, which is only four looks out of 26 and two of those are coats and those actually have a bit of a greenish cast to them. Lots and lots of leather, lots and lots of satin. I was a tiny bit surprised by all the pleats in the skirts, but that’s a touch he’s used before so the surprise is more that he’s still utilizing that feature. There is one very cool cape top that you know you’re going to want in your closet. There are a couple of jumpers, though one might want to be careful with those unless your body is in tip-top shape.

For the most part, silhouettes are fitting and sexy, but not so much that they’re restrictive. If you’re in a band, and hey, who isn’t these days, then anything from this collection is likely to work on stage. If you’re not in a band, lucky you, then they’re great outfits to wear when you go out to see a band. Coats are super-cool and ready to be worn everywhere, but none of the other pieces are really suitable for anything before 5, unless you’re doing a matinee show on the Lower East side or something.

Tough to guess what revisions might be made to this collection before next fall. Certainly, there will be a few, but anyone touching those boots for any reason except to perhaps eliminate that high heel is out of their mind.

We all need those boots.

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