Want to know what the Duchess of Cambridge will be wearing when she’s not strolling around the young prince next spring? Almost without question, it will be Temperley of London. Once the Duchess made Vanity Fair’s list of Best Dressed, her favorite designer has had trouble keeping up, and at times keeping the crowds under control. For spring/summer 2014, designer Alice Temperley brings us a soft, relaxed line of feminity inspired by a vacation in Sicily. Ah, vacation …

Understand, please, this is a line very much intended for a princess, or those who can afford to dress like one. As the brand has grown, Ms. Temperley created her Alice line to handle the more every-day wear she creates with such comfort and brilliance. The main line is all about beauty, femininity, and glamour. With a palette heavy on rose pink and the softest of pastels, one can almost imagine that if one had a fairy godmother dressing them it would almost certainly be from this collection.

Pink roses are a trademark of Temperley and there’s no shortage of them. While the line begins with a tiered dress in three different shades of pink, Alice wastes no time bringing the flower in on the second look with beautiful and balanced embroidery around the shoulders and hem. One should note that Temperley designs are always symmetrical, which goes a bit against popular trends found elsewhere, but always done with beautiful form.

Silhouettes for this season are full and billowing even in shorter day dresses, conspicuously around the waist and hips. One might get the idea that the designer was intentionally trying to hide something, such as a little bit of baby weight that just refuses to go away. If so, that may make the line all that much more endearing to women who know exactly how difficult it can be to find clothes that look posh and are still comfortable after having a baby.

The finer touches really stand out in this collection. Embroidery on organza. Crystal embellishments. Damask. The surprise for this season? Leopard print, which is definitely a trend among UK designers this season. Shock one came in actually seeing the design in the Temperley line. Shock two came in how the designer actually made it work, most effectively against a purple lilac print. If you had just told me about that combination I’m sure I would have winced at the thought, but the reality is nothing short of stunning.

Alice Temperley has produced yet another winner for her ever-growing brand. Save up your pennies, children. These pieces are well worth the expense.

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