Layering has been a standard style mechanism for several seasons, nothing new. What Alice Temperley does with layering in her spring/summer 2015 collection, however, is a step beyond, especially for a warm-weathered set of clothes. What transpires is a beautiful collection that is soft, feminine, and surprisingly versatile.

One of the challenges to layering in a spring/summer collection is keeping the look temperate while maintaining a sense of style. Ms. Temperley achieves that look in this collection by utilizing a set of styles that work across all the looks in this very large set. The first thing one notices is that one of the layers is almost always lace, as thin and sheer and can possibly be found. Lace is certinaly not a new addition to anyone’s spring/summer line, but here it rarely plays a dominant role. Instead, lace is more often the middle layer, a buffer between the base style and some form of outerwear or jacket.  Lace looks often run longer than the other two layers so that it doesn’t become hidden and its loose styling give several of the looks a much-needed sense of motion.

Alice is also not afraid to show a little bit of skin. The obvious point in this styling method is with the frequent plunging necklines, an element that starts with the very first look and is never too terribly far away. More subtle, and sometime even surprising, are the open backs. On dresses and gowns open backs are not new at all. What is sometimes surprising, though, is when a jacket has crisscross styling in back, leaving a rather large triangle space open to bare skin. This is a brilliant move that allows one to have that sharp jacketed look on the face, but keep air flowing so that one is less likely to perspire.

A third element that helps keep the looks breezy is generous draping. This may seem like an obvious move, but consider that with several of the looks the foundation layer comes with masculine styling that tends to play closer to the body. Brad draping on the overlying pieces helps generate air flow and helps the overall appearance seem more light and breezy.

Not all the ensembles are layered, of course. There are some beautiful, light weight, almost sheer prints in the middle of the collection that are full of color and bold graphic designs that are exciting and fun. The color palette all around is full of primary colors with a few grays and even some softer pastels thrown in for diversity.

The layered look is what comes across strongest in this collection, however, and the one which women are likely to find the most attractive. This is a very wearable set of clothes that will provide some strong go-to pieces to any woman’s wardrobe next spring.

Photo Credit: Regis Colin Berthelier

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