Alice Temperley likes patterned prints. Last year, we saw them on shiny fabrics with a 60s glamour feel. This season, we’re more down-to-earth and there’s actually some emphasis on staying warm for a change. Much to the delight of many women in the audience, several of the looks came with both matching scarves and heaving leggings of some form.

This may actually be one of the most wearable collections we’ve seen from Temperley in a while. While the majority of looks are still sufficiently luxe and well out of the price range of most, there are definitely a sufficient number of looks that could be office appropriate for, say, a mid-level executive. Temperley does a fantastic job of putting together whole ensembles, dressing a woman from top to bottom in a unified look and this season those ensembles are not so far out of reach.

Prints for this collection were inspired by Byzantine architecture and Spanish cathedrals, and it’s fairly easy to tell which pieces come from which influence. The Byzantine-inspired pieces are more straight forward, one color contrasting with white. The collection starts with blue, but the strongest pieces are done in charcoal grey. When the collection moves to the cathedral-inspired looked, clothes are suddenly covered with an array of bright colors and extremely elaborate and intricate designs. While these latter designs are quite beautiful, women wearing them will need to be extremely careful with accessorizing. Prints are already very busy and draw a lot of attention from the eyes. Accessorize much beyond earrings and a handbag and one will have over-done the look.

If there is a hands-down winner in this collection, and one is really stepping out on a subjective limb proclaiming such, it is the black long coat paired with tuxedo pants and a silk applique over sheer blouse. This is one of those understated but stunning looks that not only turns heads, but causes people to follow you all around the room.

This could well be the most impressive and wearable Temperley collection we’ve seen in quite a while. I do hope it is a direction she plans to continue on into the spring.

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