Saturday morning just got a little cheeky! Here it is only mid-morning, with most people in London not yet on their second biscuit, and already we’re being treated to an array of bare body parts that is typically reserved for later in the day when the children aren’t watching. Even the Times of London, though, had to admit that crochet is now sexy. I think I hear grandmothers everywhere rejoicing.

This sporty collection isn’t exactly what grandma is going to wear, however. There are no comforting shawls or colorful afghans to toss across the back of a sofa. This is a very bright and vibrant line that makes one quite anxious for summer to hurry up and get here already.

For those not familiar, Sister By Sibling is unique among fashion labels in that it is designed by a creative team rather than a single creative director. Sid Bryan, Joe Bates and Cozette McCreery all bring their experience together in a collaboration that puts an emphasis on having fun and being happy. That certainly was the vibe they presented this morning, and their clothes seem to encourage those feelings,.

Pink and blue were, again, the dominant colors of the palette, with surprising bits of yellow tossed in for brightness, and a soft lavender for contrast. The combinations pretty much made sense. I was a bit concerned, based on the graphic displayed on video screens, about a pink/black leopard print, but the look played much better on the clothes than it did the over-sized monitors.

The spring/summer line has a little bit of a 60s vibe to it, but not in an overpowering way. A blue with white polka dot print, light pink/white checks, and smartly tailored suits with cropped jackets were enough of a nod to demonstrate some influence, but not heavy handed enough to feel like a time warp.

Right from the start, though, this collection goes for sexy and finds it. The very first look is a pink sweatshirt that reads, “LEAD SISTER” in bold black letters. Plain enough, isn’t it? But the shorts under that, in the blue with white polka-dot print, ride higher on the thigh than a pair of daisy dukes! That look continues throughout the line, emphasizing long legs and well-toned bottoms. Ladies, you’re going to want to get your butt to the gym before putting on one of these pieces.

Not that everything is quite so bold, mind you. There are plenty of perfectly nice and appropriate separates here, with sweater/skirt combinations, knit dresses, and a gorgeous floral print that are wholesome and traditional and totally appropriate for any event that might include your parents or a minister.

The crocheted separates were instantly popular, though, and once they hit the runway that’s all the audience seemed to want. The knee-length skirts were sassy. The cropped sweater was sassy. Crocheted tops were … the kind of thing that makes boys (and more than a few girls) drool. The large fishnet top in the penultimate ensemble elicited a few gasps, and was certainly the type of thing that might get one arrested in certain parts of the US, but no one was complaining.

The only real down side? Yellow shoes. Fortunately, they didn’t put them with every look, but they especially clashed with the lavender.

Overall, a very spirited and fun set for the morning! In the US, you can find Sister by Sibling at Opening Ceremony, or online at TheCorner.com

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