I am half tempted to call this the collection with no pants. I can’t, technically, because even underwear rather counts as pants, especially when it’s sparkly. Still, this is one of those fun, slightly naughty collections that, by strictest definition, counts as day wear, but let’s be honest, one wears this type of thing well after the sun has gone down.

The trio of designers that make up Sibling looked to Madonna (the pop singer, obviously not the religious icon) as the inspiration for this line of knitwear. Very large bows, mostly in black or white, perched atop the heads of models as they trotted saucily down the runway. That aspect alone made this a rather fun presentation.

Sibling starts with a set of black and white looks, very short silhouettes and two piece ensembles, with a broad-tipped graphic print design that replays off and on throughout the collection. These first few pieces seem a bit unconventional when they first appear, but compared to the rest of the collection they are practically sedate. When the collection breaks into color, the color is orange, which seems to be a favorite, and comes one a jacket with extra padding at the shoulders and volume in the sleeves so as to create a v-shaped silhouetted that matches the plunging neckline. The jacket falls just far enough below the hips to hide the hip-hugging undies we’ll just assume are under there for the sake of modesty.

Throughout the rest of the collection one is left wondering just how far out of bounds the Sibling trio is willing to take this collection. Nipples are covered with black electrical tape as a sweater is left wide open. One model, dressed in what looks like a blue, sheer house coat with extremely padded shoulders, held her piece closed with her hand as she made the walk; not that she needed to have bothered since the garment was completely sheer and we all saw the sparkly knickers she wore underneath. Single-piece knit sleeveless dresses with a diamond pattern hugged bodies suffocatingly close. Beautifully crocheted pieces left next to nothing to the imagination.

Then came the ruffles. Not small, accent type ruffles. We’re talking ruffles upon ruffles upon ruffles. The style editor at the Sunday Times of London referred to the look as, “Toilet roll catwalk dolly,” and that really is the only description that is adequate. The look appears on about five different pieces toward the end of the show, three of which are full-length. When the look arrives in white, it very much gives one the impression that a room full of toddlers has been left alone with dozens of rolls of toilet tissue. When the finale piece comes in orange, complete with an especially large orange bow, one really has no other choice but to laugh. Hard.

Pared down for production, this is a very fun and flirty Sibling collection that actually offers a number of choices as separates. Just how naughty or nice one wants to make the looks is totally up to the wearer. I’m sure you’ll use your best judgment there.

Photo credit: Regis Colin Bertheiler

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