Shopping note: Sister by Sibling is now known simply as Sibling, the same as their men’s wear. While there were still some Sister signs here and there this morning, going forward only Sibling will be recognized.

Sid Bryan, Joe Bates and Cozette McCreery are learning a difficult lesson this morning: spike heels don’t work with long knit trains that tend to gather about the feet. What had been a wonderful show full of gorgeous knitwear suddenly became the laughing stock of social media when the penultimate model, wearing a beautiful deconstructed white knit dress, became entangled in the train and was left with little choice but to remove her heels. Her dismay was evident in her rash decision to simply leave the heels right there on the runway. What was first seen as a humorous move by the crowd at Somerset House quickly became a point of danger for the next model. Dressed in a similar dress with yet another train, she was having difficulty walking on her own without having to now circumnavigate the shoes. Of course, the shoes became caught in the train, causing the model to stumble. To her significant credit, she managed to keep her composure and smiled through the entirety of her walk. Only when the models returned for the finale walk, glaringly minus the barefoot model, did someone finally kick the offending heels out of harm’s way.

Perhaps the trio needs to spend some time with John Rocha to figure out how to actually make large crochet pieces work. Up to that devastating point, the show had largely been wonderful. Colors were bright and fierce. Looks were absolutely incredible and receiving a lot of praise. On the whole, this is a very good collection. But will anyone actually remember what was worn?

Starting off, we should have seen trouble coming as the model wearing a floor-length black deconstructed crochet skirt had to carry it in order to walk. She didn’t look the least bit comfortable and it was obvious that the weight of the crochet was throwing off her balance. The look itself was magnificent, with the sweater sporting an 8-bit graphic of a pixelated face. Very cute. Very hip. The second look, not quite as long but perhaps even more weighty, also caused trouble for its wearer.

Shorter pieces and separates didn’t have near the trouble. One of our favorites was separates that had body suits of one color under large-hole crocheted skirts of a contrasting color. The look was incredibly attractive, even if it would be a bit breezy for fall/winter wear. We also very much liked the charcoal slacks and the 1970s feel of pieces trimmed with crocheted balls and fringe. Two-piece sets with an exposed crocheted bra underneath set the audience to murmuring with delight. This collection was an unqualified hit and the Sibling team should be very proud of their work.

But then came the long looks again. The first hint of trouble came with a long jacket (robe?) over a bright pink crochet bikini. The visual effect was absolutely stunning and I heard more than once voice say, “I want that!” But the model struggled to keep upright as she made her way through the maze-like runway. Next came the ill-fated white dress, which, on its own, is an amazing piece to see. The model made it about ten steps down the catwalk before she had no choice; the shoes had to come off.

Adding a bit to the drama and ill-will, there were dozens of people lined up outside holding standing room tickets but were not let in. This was not Sibling’s fault so much as British Fashion Council’s. Popularity of shows at Somerset House has led to an excessive distribution of tickets, far beyond what the venue is able to safely handle. Unfortunately, those in line were taking out their frustrations on the brand.

Sibling is a wonderful label with absolutely incredible clothing. Today’s show was just an unfortunate misstep from which I’m sure the team will learn. Fortunately, we have time between now and fall to forget about today’s incident. When fall comes, we can focus on the clothes.


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