Sibling A/W 2015. Photo credit: Regis Colin Berthelier

After watching Sibling for several seasons now, I am really beginning to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into their collection, especially in regard to the amazing crochet work that keeps popping up season after season. The level of work is intense for a line that has such a seemingly cavalier, rock-and-roll attitude to it. They consistently bring a very fun, very lively collection to Somerset House, and it is that attitude that makes them so popular. Make no mistake about it, though, a lot of work goes into this label.

This season takes on a heavy punk rock tone, with streaks of color in models’ hair that matched the super-bright colors in the clothes. There’s nothing shy or reserved about the girl who wears Sibling and the colors pop from the very first look all the way to the end. A striped pattern starting the show represented pretty much every color seen, each one brighter than the next. Silhouettes run from the very full and long, to very trim and unseasonably short, but one must imagine that some of these pieces are designed for destinations that are crowded and well heated.

Here’s the thing: as wild and crazy as they styles may appear on the runway, a closer look reveals some very practical pieces, such as sweaters with jeweled clips and extremely sensible suit pairings. Take away the hair and the attitude, and the black and blue suit that was the second exit would quite likely get your grandmother’s approval. Sure, there is the occasional cheeky piece, such as a clear rubber top, but that’s countered with a beautifully crocheted knee-length sweater that looks downright homespun. Sweater dresses may be striped with color, but they fit into any young woman’s wardrobe without any alarm.

Accessories play a big role in this collection as extremely long scarves dominate a number of these looks. Yes, you want one of these. Actually, you want three or four so that you’ll have one to go with every winter outfit you own. They are the sort of accessory that can really pull together the most simple of ensemble. Calf-length socks with open-toed shoes are a thing here as well and given the bright color palette of the collection they look works extremely well.

The random all-black pieces, where they occur, may be the most adventurous looks with fur, feathers, and fringe matched with leather, fishnet stockings, and on one look dangling sparkly pieces that dance with every step. While the bright colors are fun and exciting, it is with these black pieces that the trio really stretches their creativity.

My favorite piece from the collection, and one I’m sure is an instant best-seller, is a simple knit sweater that reads “call me.” There’s no “maybe” to this look. This is a command. Failure to obey is likely to have dire consequences.

As the collection of models made their last trip down the runway, they looked somewhat like a very well-dressed gang. Sibling girls are in charge of their own lives, take orders from no one, and do very much as they please. Yet, they are not strangers to convention and have no problem being appropriate in a more traditional situation. Just be sure, no matter what the Sibling girl does, she does on her own terms.

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