The last day of London Fashion Week we get down to the last few shows and one can sense palpable desperation as designers wonder whether anyone is actually going to show up. Even though it’s not really that  far from London to Milan, a great number of people have already left (mostly in search of better food) and the few shows on today’s calendar have more of a cult and/or alternative following than mainstream fashion. Our last show from here, as it true for most everyone else, is Meadham Kirchoff, the story telling team who likes to play with their clothes and see if their audience can figure out the narrative.

What the duo bring us this season is a page straight out of childhood for many of us: playing in grandmother’s attic. The set gives us old steamer trunks and picture frames amid boxes and random pieces of fabric strewn about. Perhaps grandma was a seamstress once upon a time, or maybe an actress, or maybe even she was in vaudeville. Rather difficult to say, given the eclectic nature of the styles, but still plenty of fun. What one has to understand is that the ensembles sit down the runway are not necessarily how the designers intend for them to be worn. So no, they’re not really asking you to wear your underwear on the outside of your pants, and your dress doesn’t have to be three sizes too large.

One thing about this attic is that it was certainly full of some bright and colorful pieces of clothing. We see everything from rubber rain coats to electric pink pants, with powder blue negligee as a cover. Some of the pants are surprisingly a little tight, so maybe one’s grandparents were a bit on the smaller side. Oh, and isn’t it fun to wear one striped sock up and the other down? So one sleeve comes out long and the other short, but hey, those yellow rubber gloves sure are cool, aren’t they? Look at this t-shirt full of words a bully might say. In this setting, on this muscular model, the words lose their power, because, you know, sticks and stones … And don’t tell me I can’t have fringe on my pants if I want it. Crazy hats and an over-sized coat that might have its bias tape showing if bias tape came in electric orange mixes well with a sort of furry pirate hat in this world. There’s no wrong way to put things together.

With what is easily the most diverse group of models we’ll see all season and the strangest mix of fabrics and textures anyone could imagine, Meadham Kirchoff have created a collection that is like finding a gold mine of relics. Is anyone going to actually wear these clothes in the same style as they were presented here? No, probably not, but you could.  You have the designer’s permission. Go ahead, unleash your inner four-year-old. Let fashion be fun for a change. This really isn’t as crazy as it looks.

Photo credit: Gio Staiano


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