London Fashion Week’s penultimate show looked as though they had been shopping the post-Valentine’s day sale bin, with giant red hearts and gold streamers and white doilies creating a bit of an obstacle course around which models had to walk. Sweet, a little sappy, and definitely colourful set the tone for a fall/winter collection that was … well … sweet, sappy, and definitely colourful.

What is likely to gather the most attention from this collection are the set of bright, metallic, knee-high boots, especially the ones that come in rainbow colours. Meadham Kirchoff’s primary demographic skews young as it is, and these boots may very well be the item for which adolescent little girls everywhere cry next fall. Squeels and giggles were audible over the soundtrack, so let’s just assume those are already an instant hit.

The clothes themselves, which also come in a bright world of colours, mostly pastels, fluctuate back and forth good-little-school-girl tweeds and do-your-parents-know-you’re-wearing-that sheers. The tweed ensembles are right on target with the only complaint from parents being that the skirts are a bit short, and the damage to their credit card in purchasing them will be a bit excessive. Sheer pieces are included to attract the slightly older young adult shopper, but when mom and dad aren’t looking little sister is going to sneak out of the house in this just to impress some boy with how grown up she is.

Mysteriously making an appearance in this collection are several veiled ensembles. First came the black trimmed in gold and that one might make sense for the girl mourning her lost youth or, as young girls often do, just going through an overly dramatic phase. White came next, which conjures up thoughts of weddings for which mummy and daddy have to pay. Those two at least made sense. Then came pink followed by lime green. Ya’ got me. I have no idea what’s going on there. Meadham and Kirchoff love telling stories with their clothes, but I’m not quite in tune with this particular tale.

A potentially bothersome matter comes in the obviously young age of the models walking in this show. As many in the industry have started putting an emphasis on not using models under the age of 16 (New York enacted a new law and the practice is quite illegal in Italy), we’ve seen an obvious casting of older, more mature models on a majority of the runways. For brands whose primary audience is young, though, older models don’t necessarily sell the clothes as well and it would seem that it the tact Meadham Kirchoff took in casting this show. As we sat and watched, I was taken back by just how incredibly young several of these models seem. I have asked both Meadham Kirchoff and London Fashion Week if they can verify the age of the models walking, but have not heard back from either. Exploitation of underage models is a serious problem in this industry and one that cannot stop too soon. I am going to hope that all the models walking today were at least 16.

Nonetheless, what Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff put on the runway this afternoon was about as girly as anything can get, and I’ve no doubt little girls everywhere will insist on updating their wardrobe. Parents, prep your credit cards now; this could get painful.

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