Talk about being a victim of bad scheduling. Being at the Marquis Almeida show pretty much guaranteed one can’t get to the Burberry Porsum show on time, and the folks at Burberry were adamant that they would start on time. As a result, a good third of the seats at the Almeida show were empty, which is unheard of for any London Fashion Week show.

One might argue, however, that those who chose the Burberry show didn’t miss anything significant. What designers  Marta Marquis and Paulo Almeida put on the runway is the very essence of casual, something the more elite fashionistas don’t find too terribly interesting. Yet, when it comes to what is likely to be popular and wearable, especially within the popular youth culture, one could reasonably make the case that Marquis and Almeida have their target nailed.

Marta and Paulo love denim, and they love to dress it down. What we see from them for spring seems to be a natural extension of where they left off for fall/winter ’13. Jeans ride low on the hip, frayed both top and bottom. Tops are loosely wrapped and quite frequently sheer. Flat sandals are on the feet, though occasionally with cowhide leggings.

Speaking of cowhide, I couldn’t help eliciting a very soft moo as the cowhide pieces made their way down the catwalk. There are some ensembles here that feel very much as though they were meant more for Oklahoma than the UK. I can see PETA objecting to this portion of the line, but I do imagine the soft leather is quite comfortable.

There are a few shiny silk pieces toward the end of the collection, perhaps as close as this duo comes to evening wear. It is definitely more dressy than all the denim and cowhide, but still a far cry from the average evening gown.

All in all, the Marquis’ Almedia is likely to be a hit among the under 30 crowd. It’s casual, it’s hip, and its sexy in all the right places. No, your parents probably won’t approve, but then, isn’t that part of the attraction?

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