I have multiple observations from this show.

First, I can totally relate to the bed head hair styles of the models coming down the runway. I washed my own unruly mop before going to bed last night and it just won’t stay out of my face this morning. The difference: it didn’t take a hair stylist 15 minutes to get my hair to look this way.

Second, Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida looked so sweet as they came out for their bow at the end of the show! The smile on Marta’s face was absolutely priceless when she looked up at Paulo. I have to like this collection just because they wear their love on the outside.

Third, my how times have changed. I strongly remember being in third grade and admonished by our school principal, public school mind you, for not having the top button fastened on my shirt and my shirt tail neatly tucked in. I also remember how shocked everyone was my senior year of high school when Kalyn Free wore her pajamas to business class. Scandalous, it was.

All this comes together in this morning’s Marque’s Almeida fall/winter collection. My heart groaned a little when the first piece down the runway was a denim wrap coat. Styled with that just-rolled-out-of-bed look, it brought back memories of 8AM college classes and how we would have been chastised for wearing such things. Denim plays a strong part in this collection again, though. We saw similarly deconstructed looks from this team last fall/winter. This year, they’ve stepped it up a bit, giving some variety especially to their pants. Being a child of the 60s, I was especially amused when they sent huge bell bottoms down the runway. I realize that is more of a skater vibe now, but it was a tiny bit nostalgic at the same time.

What’s not denim in this collection is likely to either be satin or velvet. There is plenty of both in very bright colors. There’s a juxtaposition here I find amusing. Bright colors when one has just rolled out of bed, perhaps not yet entirely sober? Does anyone else anticipate that causing a headache? These are very well styled pieces, though, that probably can, in all coed reality, go from party to bed to class the next morning.

The hit of this collection may be the furry tennis shoes. When combined with the satin slip dresses or pajama pants, they almost look like house slippers but with a little more practicality for schluffing one’s way across campus. The down side? You probably don’t want to spill beer on them.

Front pockets, I’m talking right there on the tops of thighs, are a bit off-putting, especially on denim pants where the effect makes it look as though one has put their trousers on backward. I’m also not a huge fan of the over-sized feather and faux fur neck pieces. I don’t see those surviving to September.

All in all, this Marques’ Almeida collection is very relaxed, very comfortable, and likely to be very popular. This could be what helps the young label gather some serious recognition. We wish them the best.

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