Mark Fast has a reputation for hand knitting his samples. His full line is produced with equal care, which is good reason to limit the size of his collections. Last season, Mark only produced a small handful of dresses which he only showed at a presentation. Last spring he had a full set, but keeping up with orders proved challenging.

Perhaps that is why Fast chose to give his spring/summer 2014 collection a grunge look with dark eyes and lips and hair (wigs, thankfully) that looked as though it had been fried by a light socket. If people see how incredibly sporty, sexy, and wearable this season’s clothes really are, the weight of orders might just cause a nervous breakdown. At the very least, there are likely to be sparks flying from those knitting needles.

Perhaps Fast thought we might be fooled by the black and grey palette that dominated the early works. Were he using a different fabric, that might have been the case. In reality, though, the knitted dresses snap to the body form so very well that the muted palette actually comes off more formal and classy than perhaps he intended. Pair one of these dresses with a nice park of heels rather than combat boots and you’re ready for dinner at the nicest restaurant in town.

When Mark does begin to infuse some color, dark reds, then green and yellow, the effect serves to only make the pieces a little more cute and more sporty. There’s no escaping an inherent sexiness to every piece, unless may if someone were to buy a dress three or four sizes too small.

Of course, this is Mark Fast so there has to be fringe and he doesn’t disappoint; long fringe, short fringe, and feather-like fringe are all still there. He doesn’t use as much as he has in previous seasons, though. In fact, he seems to include it more out of obligation at times.

There is one caveat to any Mark Fast piece: Don’t buy it if you can’t take care of it. These lovely knitted dresses are not something one just tosses in the washing machine. One might do well to exercise caution with sizing as well. The knitted pieces hug a body tightly, which is great if your body is in good shape. If you typically pack on a few pounds during the winter, though, you may want to hit the gym first.

The pictures for this Mark Fast collection may look a bit scary, but don’t be fooled. The clothes are fun, sexy, and a strong addition to your spring wardrobe.

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