You might want to clear those credit cards and get ready to do some serious shopping. You know all those sweaters and blouses and slacks that you’ve been wearing since high school? Throw out all your thread-bare standards. Margaret Howell has you totally covered with her fall/winter 2014 collection. Chances are, not only will you be upgrading your closet, but these will likely fit better as well.

Actually, this may be a fairly short review simply because there’s no one thing that’s overly exciting. Neither is there anything which one would want to avoid. Margaret Howell’s collection is a perfect example of British practicality and every day wearability. As a result, what she showed this morning were all the basics: a good tweed overcoat, khaki slacks, cable knit sweaters, houndstooth day suits, overall jumper with the cuffs rolled up, fleece-lined vests.

Okay, so personally I doubt I would buy anyone the nightshirt styled button-down dresses with a single ruffle; that one is more of a pure British look, the kind of thing one might wear while tending the garden or something, a more British aesthetic. Ms. Howell fancies masculine tailoring in general and she applies it in such a way as to make women’s daywear comfortable. This is the perfect line for young mothers, busy housewives, working in more casual offices or outdoors, or any of a hundred other ordinary scenarios. Ms. Howell’s tailoring gives the wearer plenty of room to move and bend, but doesn’t come off as boxy or baggy.

Don’t think that the line is without its pretty parts, either. There are some lovely velvet ensembles and dresses that are perfect for that midday appointment, lunch with a friend, or just one of those days when you feel the need to dress a little better. These are all wonderfully well tailored and quite beautiful in their own right. What they’re not is so ostentatious or glamorous as to draw undue attention to oneself.

Margaret Howell gives us a very standard every day look, complete with braided hair and barely-there makeup. This is a look 90% of women can embrace. Rejoice!

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