Well, this isn’t something one sees every day. Brazilian-born designer Lucas Nascimento states in his notes that his spring/summer 2014 collection is inspired by the bathroom.

Nope, I’m not kidding.

Okay, what he actually said was that he’s going for just-out-of-the-shower-chic. I didn’t know that was a thing, but apparently it is. He says his inspiration includes towels, shower curtains, and everything else.

Pardon me while I try to find the soap.

Here’s the thing: this actually is one very cool and very wearable line, carefully considered, intelligently thought out, and beautifully constructed. What Lucas has done, in a sense, is take the concept of Diane Von Furstenberg’s wrap dress a little further, raise it above the bust, and use light knit fabrics so that it flows well and looks good.

It is that wrapped silhouette that is the core of the entire collection. It is a bustier-looking top in the first look. A little later, it is that cute asymmetrical skirt. A couple of minutes later, it is that bright yellow dress hanging on under a white coat. You know, the look you might have chasing after the mail carrier who forgot to pick up the electric bill that’s due tomorrow.

Along the way there are some little details that one might miss, or dismiss, without understanding the inspiration. Dresses are held up with faux bra straps that are razor thin and constantly falling off the shoulder. A small yellow panel implies a wash cloth. Those red and grey layered dresses were apparently the shower curtain.

Oh, and everyone wears high-waisted underwear. Like your grandma did.

Again, this really is a beautiful line. Low-scooped slip dresses are loose and flowing but simultaneously incredibly sexy. The asymmetrical jackets are some of the most attractive I’ve seen this season.

So, okay, there’s a lot of sheer, especially with the pants and maxi skirts. That probably means there are some of these pieces that are not quite office appropriate. There are plenty of other looks here that are, though, and this is definitely one collection worth hunting down and trying on. Nascimento prides himself on selecting comfortable fabrics. Comfortable fabrics with comfortable design means you may never want to take these off … except to get in the shower.

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