LFW: KTZ F/W 2014

If ever there were a line of clothing designed for women with Type A personalities, this is it. Not only does one need a strong, aggressive, in-your-face type of attitude to wear these clothes, though, one needs a strong, sturdy frame just to support them! Not only do the clothes themselves come with a lot of heft, the accessories are so large and heavy that in some neighborhoods they could double as legitimate weapons.

KTZ, which stands for Kokon to Zai, a brand of boutiques founded by designer Marjan Pejoski, has always been big on flash and shine and in that regard this collection is no different than those before it. Appliqued mirrors and metallic fabrics are all through this collection. One set of silver metallic leggings reminded me a bit of Bender, from the cartoon series Futurama, except for the fact that I’m not sure even when he was new that Bender was ever this well polished and shiny. An all-gold metallic piece that finished the show could almost be mistaken for a C3PO costume from Star Wars. Even more humorous was the fact that as the mirrors on the clothes kept reflecting the spot lights in the ceiling, the resulting flash would set off the strobes atop photographer’s cameras. I’m sure there are more over-exposed pictures from this show than any other.

Hidden in all this flash and bling, though, is some absolutely incredible, intricate bead work. Take a look at several of the designs, especially those that have a snowflake pattern, and you’ll bear witness to some of the best bead work we’ve seen so far this season. While it is easy to be distracted by the strong lines and genuine bulk of the clothes, Pejoski has not sacrificed on quality, either, and has made sure this collection will stand up under the wear and tear of actually being out in the elements.

KTZ is handled in the US exclusively through Opening Ceremony and I expect there to be several of these piece on their stock lists this fall. However, don’t even bother picking one up if you’re not strong enough to handle the attitude that comes with it. These are not clothes for the weak of spirit. If you’re going to wear these clothes, you have to be ready to take charge.

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