LFW: J JS LEE S/S 2014

Korean-born designer Jackie Lee likes white no matter which season she’s designing. As long as I can remember, her collections have been dominated by white separates with precise minimalist styling. So, I was a bit surprised, and momentarily confused (I checked to make sure I was at the correct show) when the first several pieces she sent down the runway this morning were … bubblegum pink!

Okay, actually, my first reference point was a common antacid liquid of the same color, but that’s not really the most appealing inference to make for fashion, is it?

The minimalist styling is still there, though, and Ms. Lee brings a very wearable and sometimes even sporty collection to the table this season. Separates are clean, easy to wear, with maybe a zipper but otherwise unencumbered by fastners and other details.

As a collection, the clothes are very practical, rather conservative, and by some standards maybe even a bit plain, but in a good way. Necklines are high and even short skirts aren’t too short. Ms. Lee does get adventurous for a while with a very shinny blue and pink check on rubberized cotton, but even there no one is going to accuse her of being outlandish or taking too many risks.

Yes, there is a sufficient amount of white, but the line doesn’t stay there long. Gridded patterns in with black, pink, and blue were calling and gave the collection a sense of architecture and engineering. Masculine tailored jackets kept the look a bit androgynous at times, but then Ms. Lee countered her own minimalism with a couple of dresses nicely gathered at the waist.

Jackie Lee has created a very graceful look for spring, one that is comfortable, wearable, and appropriately casual. There is only one store currently carrying the label in the United Status, but online shopping makes the collection delightfully accessible.

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