Harry Styles was not at the House of Holland show this evening. Apparently, if one is an adolescent British female this is very distressing news deserving of trending status on Twitter.

If you will allow me a crotchety old man moment: Boo freakin’ hoo. I’m sorry, I don’t attend fashion shows in order to go celebrity watching. In fact, I find it rather annoying that any are there at all, though, in some cases, I understand the necessity. So, if your pretty little fantasy play thing does not show up at a very expensive and costly to produce event, many of us quite sincerely do not care. Please get over your precocious selves and go shopping so we can pay for these shows. [/rant]

That being said, one of the reasons House of Holland is such a major player is because it very much sets the standard for what the younger generation of Brits are wearing. Here is where British and American aesthetics depart. By comparison, youth-oriented labels in the US are almost boring, often focusing more on how much skin they can show rather than demonstrating actual creativity with the clothes themselves. House of Holland goes exactly the opposite direction, delivering styles that are very graphic, current, and pretty much impossible to miss.

Henry Holland has his pulse on the fashion needs of what British girls want in their wardrobe, which sounds as though it might be illegal, and has built quite a substantial business of supplying them with clothes that range from those their parents don’t mind them wearing to things that cause parents to wonder where they went wrong. In the same collection as a darling green crepe dress with white schoolgirl collar is a sparkling rainbow of a dress of metallic fabric whose cutouts barely leave one’s nipples covered.

Holland’s foundation garment is the t-shirt and this collection has several with his trademark graphics across the front. While most were difficult to see during the show, due to being covered with jackets of various kind, t-shirts have always been the point-of-entry for those just starting to check out the label. From there one might move on to a cute quilted and appliqued varsity jacket, or a pink and red striped dress covered in sequins, or torn jeans sprinkled with patches, or a dress that looks frighteningly like your grandmother’s negligee … the red transparent piece she wore over her flannel nightie. The collection has plenty of sweaters which are all quite attractively designed, and then there’s the burnt orange and gold ensemble that might have been made from wallpaper remnants from the 1960s.

Variety is quite the spice of life when one is young and Harry Holland definitely provides a great deal of variety. For some Americans, the looks might occasionally come of as tacky, but here on his home turf everyone loves the whole collection …

… Even when Harry Styles is a no show.

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