Everyone else: go ahead and enjoy the fashion elsewhere. If you don’t like hummingbirds, or at least find them tolerable, there’s nothing for you to see here. The birds appear, either graphically or in abstract representation, on 95% of this collection.

That’s not to say there aren’t some interesting styles. Take the first ensemble, for example. The lovely young short-haired model comes strolling down the runway wearing a loose sleeveless orange tunic top with three hummingbirds embroidered on it. She’s wearing blue quilted pants that zip at the ankle and have an orange stripe at the knee. Looks lovely, doesn’t it? Then, the child turns around and one discovers that there is no seat to those pants! Woah! Talk about drafty! Fortunately, she was wearing a very polite pair of orange shorts underneath. Other ensembles didn’t carry quite as much of a surprise as that one, but I can say that by putting the seatless ensemble up front, everyone was watching every turn a model made, just in case.

For the most part, Giles works with silhouettes that are very full, a little bit hipsterish, a little bit of rock-and-roll, skater-boy grunge. This is a collection that is totally meant to be fun and comfortable. He plays with some layered panels for a few looks and when he does he fits them along the contour of the body quite effectively. Giles definitely prefers the larger looks, though, and saves his best work for those styles. Our favorites have to be the super-oversized knit sweaters, the kind large enough to hide the fact that your boyfriend broke up with you and you’ve been eating three pints of ice cream a day for the past two months. There is also a modified tux jacket that is uber-cool and putting Cara Delevigne in a grey knit cap with two big white eyes on top and have her shooting video with her cell phone as she walked was absolute genius.

At the same time, the pieces with the abstract hummingbird prints are pretty incredible as well. Kendall Jenner is wearing a black and white sleeveless piece with a ruffle on the right side, asymmetric hem, and navy blue tights that makes her look fierce enough to give any one of her older half-sisters, and maybe even her mom, the good tongue-lashing they need.

One brief moment of anxiety came when the model wearing the gorgeous finale gown slipped and fell right as she made her turn at the top of the runway. Since the gown is floor length, we couldn’t see what happened to cause the fall. All the other models were wearing flats, but she may have well been in heels to keep the gown from dragging too low. Fortunately, she recovered quickly and finished her walk with a smile.

Giles Deacon has definitely created a collection for bird lovers and that audience alone is probably enough to give the label strong sales this fall. Even if one isn’t smitten by the tiny hummers, though, this is still a brand worth watching.

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