Better grab your spurs, this ride is about to get wild.

One never knows before entering exactly what creative path twin sisters Annette and Daniela Felder are going to take, but it’s always loud and exciting and different in many ways. For spring/summer 2015 it’s pull on your boots and get ready to rodeo as the girls take on the most raucous part of the wild, wild west in a showdown bound to leave a few thousand broken hearts in its wake. Put any pretentiousness on a shelf before you walk out the door. This collection is all about having fun.

Standing out from the very beginning are the western styled cowboy boots from Jessie Western. There is a different pair for every look. Some are simple brown cowhide, others are more exotic and flashy. The question immediately becomes one of just how many of these can one person fit into their closet? You’re going to want them all and chances are pretty good you’ll walk out of the store with at least two or three even f you don’t buy the clothes.

The fashion is meant for fun and flirting. Apparently the girls are not the least bit concerned about anyone objectifying their feminity. Rather, they put it all out there on display with a set of looks that are as hot as the summer sun in West Texas in the middle of August. Shorts are  short and made to accent all the best qualities of a girl’s hips. Skirts are, believe it or not, shorter. One needs to be careful when taking a seat and think twice before bending over while wearing one of these pieces. There are several full-length pants in the mix (mostly so thin as to be practically sheer) an even a couple of fringe-laden leather jackets. If one picks up a bit of a 70s vibe one wouldn’t be mistaken.

Oh, and you’re going to want to invest in good underwear.

While there are a few pieces of metallic in gold and blue, and a handful of pieces done in ostrich leather, the majority of the fabrics are more lightweight so that any light hitting them reveals anything and everything underneath. So, when one gets to the white ensembles, especially the white pants and skirts, just know before you go to the dressing room that we’re all going to see your skivvies. There’s no place to hide in this collection.

There is plenty of color to be found here and the frequently used prints are quite lovely. Soft mosaics resembling either snakeskin or leopard spots provide a hint of texture to the light fabrics while giving them a very cool sense of presence at the same time. The turquoise and yellow prints were the immediate favorite among those attending, but the blues and reds are equally as exciting. I’m not sure the gold leather was the best choice for the very pale skinned red-haired model (the photo is better than was the live view), but even that is going to play well on the right person. When the collection turns to black, especially a very loose and open tunic top with a gold-cupped bra underneath, the collection goes from merely sexy to cover-the-children’s-eyes sizzlin’. There’s not a cowboy alive, honest or otherwise, that’s not going to tip his hat to that look.

These are the type of outfits than can lead to trouble, no matter how sweet and innocent the person wearing them may be. These clothes are going to cause arguments, breakups, and maybe even a fist fight or two just by being present in the room. So order a bucket of beer and pull up a bar stool, Felder Felder is taking us on a wild ride that won’t stop until the heavy coats come out next winter. Might as well enjoy the show.

Photo credit: Guillaume Roujas

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