Well, that moment of peace and quiet didn’t last long! Second show of the day and identical twin designers Annette and Daniella Felder go as loud and bright and fast as they possibly can, which is great if you’ve already consumed several cups of coffee before taking your seat, as I have. Not so great for those who are still rubbing the sleep from their eyes at 10 AM.

This Felder Felder collection is a full-time, fast-paced, heavily textured, extremely sexy party from front to back. The first piece, a brightly coloured blouse with pea green slacks and an overcoat to match has cut out sheer panels in the thigh of the leg. The second piece has a sheer top. For the third piece, the girls somehow managed to snag a rainbow, quilt it, and then cut out the waist and the back. The looks are astonishingly fresh, very loud, and very much in your face.

Silhouettes are, generally speaking, generally body contoured but not so tightly that there isn’t room to move and dance without fear of ripping a seam. There are a lot of skirts and dresses in the collection, but hemlines range anywhere from the micro mini to floor length. There is plenty here for just about any type of formal occasion as long as that occasion isn’t a funeral. Sure, there are a couple of black pieces in the line, but they’re made of pvc; not exactly the feel one usually applies to mourning.

There is a tremendous amount of skin showing in this collection; not that skin is a bad thing, but it’s not something we generally assign to our stiff upper lipped British friends. Even when the look pretends to be a bit more conservative, such as a pencil skirt with a delicate floral print, or a tan dress done  in mohair, there are still sexy cutouts and sheer panels to keep the looks from being  standard day wear.

The twins have won the New Gen award from the British Fashion Council the past three years, and this is definitely a forward-looking collection full of bright color and texture. How well it will play with a British audience I can’t say, but I’m rather sure American buyers will love its energy and motion.

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