LFW: DAKS S/S 2017

DAKS SS 2017
DAKS Spring/Summer 2017. Photo credit: Gio Staiano

The grey skies over London were a fitting match this afternoon for the color palette of Philippo Scuffi’s DAKS collection. Somber skies with billowing clouds couldn’t have been more appropriate, almost as though someone had planned the matchup months before. Of course, grey skies are a pretty safe bet around London, the parallel seemed a bit more obvious today.

Scuffi’s muted colors work well for this collection. Sure, there’s that one bright orange dress, but it’s like that one ray of sunshine that manages to peek out and is gone just as quickly as it appeared. Silhouettes are long,  loose, and flowing. Tunics over trousers, tiered ruffles, and voluminous sleeves were the call of the day. Everything was long except for the men’s trousers. In fact, the just-above-the-ankle length of those trousers were about the only thing that separated the men’s looks from the women’s. Other than that, the men’s looks were quite androgynous. Women’s dresses were at least calf-length and frequently longer. Tops could be sensual, but any low plunges were left to the back.

What we see in this DAKS collection is a luxury line that truly is global. Most of these dresses could be worn on pretty much any continent without causing a stir. They are beautifully mult-cultural, many shown with turbans that are more decorative than religious in nature, but still enough to be respectful of those places where heads must be covered and hair must not be shown. There was a lot of attention drawn to the accessories as well, primarily the heavy metal cuffs for both men and women. Any inferences one might make are likely not intentional.

If one is looking for something exciting and edgy, of course, this isn’t your label. DAKS is for more mature women who have established their self-confidence and are sure of themselves. Watch your posture. Mind your manners. Speak distinctly. The woman wearing these clothes is someone to be respected. If that’s you, then these are the looks you most definitely want.

Stormy weather optional.

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