So, imagine you’re sitting in the audience at one of the most highly anticipated shows in all of London Fashion Week, and some bloke you don’t know leans over and whispers, “Watch the runway. You can see all the models’ knickers.”

Of course, you look and yes, yes you can. I suppose that was a bit inevitable with having a mirrored catwalk. And here I’d been more concerned about the poor girls slipping an falling.

However, the immodest aspect of the runway was far from what was creating the biggest buzz around the Christopher Kane show this morning. Kane announced yesterday that he would be opening his first flagship store in London. For a week that had been rather short on significant fashion news, this was just the sort of thing that both fans and media could exploit. So, they did just that. A good portion of all Kane-related conversation was about the store, not the clothes.

And the clothes are so very worthy of conversation. I’ll try to be brief, but … this is going to be challenging.

Most notably, Kane takes a unique approach to the floral motif with petal shaped cut outs and embellishments. The cut outs were large enough to play into the sheer look that has also dominated London this week, but again, in a totally unique way.

Kane kept his silhouettes tame, not too tight, not too loose, as he moved through a variety of colors and prints. A couple of his more formal looks took steps toward being more adventurous with folds that mimicked cutouts and a bit of pseudo-grecian styling, but nothing too contemporary or obtuse.

One thing Christopher Kane likes, though, is sweatshrits and he uses them frequently, even with more formal looks, which may or may not work depending on one’s sense of styling. A white sweatshirt with the botanical labels of an iris identified takes the term “floral print” to a whole new level (read that sentence with a bit of sarcasm, please).

Kane does have a thing for irises and they dominate the prints in the last few pieces of a collection that many seem afraid to disparage in any sense. After all, Kane has Anna Wintour’s blessing, so who dares argue with that?

The truth is, though, from a realistic point of view, there are several pieces here that, while nice to look at, are totally impractical and, if worn in public, especially in the Midwest, would turn heads for all the wrong reasons.

So, hurrah for Christopher Kane’s new store and hurrah for his spring/summer 2014 collection, but let’s apply a bit of common sense when we actually go shopping, shall we?

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