The room was packed with some 300 guests for the showing of the Burberry Prorsum spring, summer 2014 collection this afternoon. There may well have been another 300 or more outside. This may well have been the most hyped show of the week. Burberry’s partnership with Apple resulted in a teaser video that’s been playing all over the place since fashion week started. Apple is really pushing the fact that the video was shot entirely on the iPhone in a misguided attempt to legitimize that device as a serious source of imagery. Sorry, Apple, but those of us who are professionals aren’t buying it.

Then, there was all this noise about someone named Harry Styles. He’s a British singer who is allegedly dating super model Cara Delevigne. I’d never heard of him, so I dropped out to YouTube to check some of his work. I may never get all the bubblegum out of my ears.

And then, there was the hail storm, both preceded and followed by bright sunshine. Welcome to London. This is why Burberry’s creative director Christopher Bailey was sending cashmere sweaters and cashmere faced trench coats down the runway. Even in summer, one just doesn’t know what the weather might turn onto you.

For all the hype and meteorological drama, however, Bailey was as calm as the collection he was showing. All the classic Burberry styling was there, but no studs, no out-to-the-wall pretentiousness or how-did-she-squeeze-into-that glamour. Instead, what we saw were pastel dresses in floral patterned lace. Lots of pastels. Lots of lace. So much so that I almost expected to see pastel and lace in the menswear. Bailey didn’t take the theme quite that far.

Pencil skirts hat their splits on the front. Polka dots were matched with stripes (try to not faint). Several skirts were sheer. Even Ms. Delevigne’s plastic rain cape was sheer. And then, just to finish things off nicely and with a bit of class, Bailey tossed jeweled brooches on everything.

At the end, the crowd was showered with flower petals and most walked out smiling. Christopher Bailey just has this way of making everyone happy and with this collection there’s no reason to not be thrilled.

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