Here it is, first show of the morning on this last day of London Fashion week, and we’re tripping. I’m looking around to see if anyone is having a seizure. Not that anyone should be surprised. The invitation warned that the presentation used flashing lights. They didn’t warn us about the rest, though.

Actually, we should have expected something well into the field of the bizarre. Yesterday, the label parked a truck outside, partnered with the Kellogg company, and handed out bowls of “Fashion Flakes.” Was Anya trying to send us a message? Perhaps.

So, when everyone arrived at this morning’s show, not only was the back wall covered in lights, the floor was covered in an array of colorful polka dots. Those sitting on the front rows were warned that their seats would move during the presentation.

Move? What do you mean, “move,” exactly?

The lights dim, the carnival music kicks up a couple notches, and here come the models. Remember, this is a handbag line, so pay no attention to the white racing jumpsuits all the models are wearing. They’re largely identical with only the touch of color at the neck differentiating them. What matters are the handbags, which range in size from impossible small to incredibly large in some very bright colors. Some bags are covered in stickers. Some bags have huge pencil bags attached to them. One has a cartoon text balloon that reads, “Bags have feelings too!” Models come carrying their bags, one carrying a bundle of mylar balloons, and everything’s cool until … the floor moves… in different directions.

The floor was divided into four circles, containing the front row benches. As the models walked, the benches moved, changing not only the perspective of the guests, but the course and direction of the runway as well!

We get all the way through the collection of handbags, which are, as always, quite lovely, and the lights go down. Black light takes over and the back wall begins to flash. The front rows return to their original positions and then here come figures in black, with skeletons painted on them, pulling at neon colored wired teacups. Imagine the teacup ride at Disneyland gone wrong. Each teacup contained two models. The teacups began to spin, the skeletons began to dance and, dang it, the floor started moving again!!

Are we sure it’s too early to start drinking? After this trip, I’m beginning to think it might help.

Displaying a line of handbags requires incredible creativity and, once again, Anya Hindmarch has given everyone a fun ride and made sure we stop and look at her bags. Isn’t that the whole point. Anya wins the morning.

I need more coffee.

Photo credit:   Guillame Roujas

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