“The spring/summer 2015 collection sees the Amanda Wakeley woman take on a cleaner, sportier approach to dressing – like the women in a Peter Lindbergh photograph, she is effortlessly chic with an understated masculinity,” the designer told British Vogue yesterday. Now, that might have meant a number of things, depending upon one’s perspective, but for Ms. Wakeley it means a very crisp, very clean set all done in white.

This is not a huge collection Ms. Wakeley presented this afternoon, a mere 20 looks in all. Yet, within those 20 looks she managed to go from a casual, “here, toss this on” tone all the way to what could conceivably pass as a contemporary wedding dress (though it’s certainly not limited to that use). The more casual looks run long but full, relying on wrapping and belting rather than more complicated fasteners. Slacks are especially roomy and a few are rolled up at the hem for an extra sense of casualness. On the dressier side of things we see more creative styling with more use of sheer fabrics as well as cut outs.  Most of these looks are two piece ensembles which opens them up to a tremendous amount of creativity on the part of the wearer.

One nice thing about this collection is that, theoretically, all the pieces are potentially interchangeable. The fabrics are all the same or similar enough to work together. The silhouettes all match. Color certainly isn’t an issue. So, one can easily go through the collection, pick and choose the pieces they like most, and build their own looks from there. In that regard, this is a very accommodating and accessible collection that should work for just about any woman.

If there is a shortcoming to this collection, and I’m not saying there is, it is in the lack of pizzazz and sparkle the pieces will have when they hit stores. All that white may look too much like a bridal collection to get the attention of the casual shopper, if they notice it at all. A total monochrome set like this can make sense in so many ways, but can be quite difficult to market well in-store.

Still, if one is looking for clean, crisp, and simple, Amanda Wakeley is exactly the collection one needs to shop.

Photo credit: Guillaume Roujas

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