LFW: 1205 S/S 2015

If I were looking for costuming for some futuristic hospital drama, the spring/summer collection from 1205 would be at the top of my list. Actually, any collection from 1205 would be a contender because designer Paula Gerbase has been pretty consistent with the whole over sized, minimal sewing, large swaths of fabric look. Today’s collection, though, almost seemed creepy as it came down the runway,  creepy in the sense I double checked afterward to make sure I still had both kidneys.

While Ms. Gerbase is not known for putting any great amount of detail into her designs, this season saw practically none as silhouettes were as loose as they possibly could be. I was actually a bit surprised going back through the pictures to see there were a couple of looks that actually had pockets at the breasts, an element I totally missed during the presentation. About half-way through, she did introduce a straight gold-colored bar as a decorative fastener, but again, the effect was more like something out of a science fiction feature.

All white looks started the show and really set the tone for this rather bare, austere-looking collection. A very dark blue follows, with looks being more layered, and as the collection moves into a monochrome gray palette Ms. Gerbase adds leather in with the linen for a bit more contrast. Eventually, a broad check pattern is introduced and over that comes carefully folded looks in white linen that are crafted as that they might be the uniform of some futuristic clergy members.

With looks so very somber and very flat sandals that made practically no sound, the whole scene was a bit unnerving. Now, from a practical standpoint, there are actually some very nice pieces in this collection. However, I might recommend that one look at the separates in relation to how they might mix with the rest of one’s wardrobe. These whole monochrome look may be a bit too much for anyone not in the medical profession, and even then, please smile. Otherwise, one might find observers double checking to make sure their vital organs are still in tact.

Photo credit: Gio Staiano

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