Let’s Go Shopping at Goodwill!

We sent our Digital Media Fellow, Sam, to explore some of the Southern Indiana Goodwill stores. Last weekend, she headed an hour south of Indy to shop all day. We are happy to report that she made it back in one piece and had a blast. Continue reading below to see what she got herself into!

It was Saturday morning, and my alarm went off much too early. Typically weekends are for sleeping in because this girl needs her beauty rest! Nonetheless, I got up and after breakfast, hopped into the car with my mom and sister, who had agreed to join me on my adventure. We hit the road and headed towards Seymour, IN.

Arriving at the Seymour store (1857 E Tipton St), we were impressed by the full parking lot. Lots of shoppers and it wasn’t even a “50% off” day. We guessed people were Christmas shopping. First, we scoured the books and the vinyl. We scored several classic Christmas records then made a beeline for the clothing racks. As you can imagine, this is always my favorite part!

Though the racks were full, I only ended up buying one thing; the stripped shirt shown below. I like its nautical vibe and knew that it would pair perfectly with my army green, wide leg pant and ankle boots. In the summer, I would pair it with cut off jean shorts and some sneakers.

We headed to the North Vernon Goodwill store next (2260 N State. Hwy 7). As we pulled up, I had a good feeling. I had a feeling I’d find more gems here than the Seymour store. This store was a bit smaller and had way less people shopping there (which I liked!). We walked in and started combing through the clothing. I found a white, sleeveless turtleneck, Tommy Hilfiger jeans, a red cashmere cardigan, and a floral skirt.

Next to vinyl, my other Goodwill shopping indulgence is coffee mugs! I don’t typically drink coffee, but I sure do have lots of mugs from Goodwill in case I need a cup of joe!

The last section I peek through at Goodwill is the knick-knack section. I have a pink rose mirror in my house that I picked up a few years ago from Goodwill and I love it so much. This mirror is dusty and dirty, but if you give it some love, it can add a nice touch to any room in your house!

All in all, the trip was a success, and I walked away with some good loot! Shopping Goodwill is a bit of a wild card…sometimes you walk away with nothing, but I love the thrill of the hunt, and finding something unique for a fraction of its original price, plus I love the idea of my purchase contributing to their bigger mission.

If you want to learn more about Goodwill check out their website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

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