Leather Jacket: The one jacket men need to have in the closet

Every Indianapolis man needs to own a leather jacket this Fall. (Imitation leather is perfectly acceptable. A lot of the imitation leather is actually getting closer and closer to the real deal anyway, and not it’s much more reasonably priced.)

There are two reasons why I felt the need to dedicated an entire post to leather jackets. 1. The Diversity of styling 2. They are just cool. Think about it! What is cooler than a confident guy wearing a leather jacket? It is an iconic bad boy image makes it even more appealing. Think James Dean in every movie, Danny Zuko singing about the summer love on the beach, or even Patrick Swayze as he says, “No one puts Baby in the corner”. Okay, maybe those last two aren’t the best examples but the point is, there is something inherently stylish and a bit edgy about a good leather jacket.

Three things to keep an eye out when purchasing a leather jacket: 1. COLOR 2. DETAIL 3. LENGTH. Don’t worry, it is easy! The fashion forward know how a great red or blue leather can do wonders for styling. I even tried to find a blue leather jacket like Jared Leto wore in the last 30 Seconds to Mars tour. So to those with an already adventurous style, I say be edgy in dyed leather! The rest of the Indianapolis men stick with a basic black leather jacket. As always don’t get fooled into thinking that more detail and distressing means more style. Less is more is a perfect rule of thumb for your leather garments. Keep it simple is the best advice. Once the jacket gets overdetailed and distressed it looks cheap and limited to a casual aesthetic. A good leather jacket can be styled a couple of ways. My favorite way of styling the look is: Crisp white dress shirt + Dark denim (even grey) + tie + leather jacket = a cool look perfect for cocktails downtown.

Once you find the right color of jacket, look for the detail work. I like when a little bit of the metal from the zipper shows on the jacket. I think my leather jacket has epaulets on the shoulders and detail work on the buttons. I believe that subtle accents and details is what makes the jacket interesting. Plus people will look at you longer because of the subtlety in the style. Who doesn’t like a little attention? The biggest thing to keep in mind is the occasion where you’ll be wearing your jacket. If it’s a casual outing, then zipper and button detail is ok. If the styling is more dressy, a simple basic jacket works best.

The last focus is where more of the mistakes are made in jacket purchasing. The Length! Apparently there are places that still sell the “duster” style leather jackets. It’s a full-length style. Never is that appropriate unless you are going to be a grave digger or a cowboy in the Australian Outback. Then there are some men who buy the leather jacket that is an actual biker jacket. I am talking the jackets that are more cropped and have the padding to protect bikers. A jacket like that is a bit of a joke unless you actually do have a motorcycle and you wear it when riding it. Getting out of your Nissan sporting one of these numbers?… you’re not fooling anyone! As far as length goes the rule of thumb I give my clients is the closer to the belt line the better.

Where do I send guys to shop for their leather jackets? Locally, the best place is Nordstrom with a diverse range of shopping options. I wish there were more options when recommending a shopping choice. I haven’t checked out the new Nordstrom Rack for leather jackets this season so feel free to comment below if you notice a good find. For people who are looking for budget friendly options, I recommend Express, H&M, and Banana Republic. Keep in mind the risk of purchasing a cheaper quality jacket from some of the specialty stores. A quality leather jacket is always a good option for men, so think of it as an investment. The leather jacket I wear the most has been in my closet for a good number of years. I recently watched the Milan Dsquared2 Spring 2012 show and I have a pretty solid feeling that the vibe for next spring will support wearing leather jackets. (Check out the show online here)

So guys, express your inner bad boy in a fashionable way, and get yourself a leather jacket! Comment below where you found your favorite leather jacket. Follow me on twitter at @_jeremiah_ and lets continue the conversation. Feel free to send me a pic of your favorite way to style your leather jacket.


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