Kiarra’s Closet Chronicals: Her Closet Debut

Photography by Callie Zimmerman

Kiarra Logan is a stylist and owner of Kiarra Logan Looks. Kiarra specializes in cultivating an effortless aesthetic for a range of clients, having mastered the art of high-end styling and every day looks. She teamed up with us to interview some of her fabulous clients & friends and take us inside their dope closets. Of course we couldn’t let her do this without showing off her new closet! Take a peek below.

What is your go-to handbag?
I have two go-to handbags. The one I use with my kids is a Prada crossbody that holds everything. I can put water bottles, crayons, snacks in it. You name it, it will fit! It’s definitely my “mom” bag. If I’m not with the kids I’m probably carrying my gold Saint Laurent bag. It goes with everything.
What’s something in your closet you can’t part with?
I have a few Bebe dresses and skirts that I can’t let go. I guess Bebe is vintage now right? Sigh. They are staying for sure!

How do you keep your closet organized, and how often do you clean/organize it?
I try not to let my island get cluttered and put things away every few days. If I have a busy week, I may not touch it until Sunday evening, and by that point it looks like a tornado went through. Everything does have a place though! If I take an item off a hanger, I spin the hanger out so I know exactly where it goes back once I’ve worn it.

What’s your favorite new item?
I can’t pick just one. Probably, my brown Vetements boots with green heel. Also nude Cult Gaia booties. I have an ankle boot obsession and wear them year round!
What’s your everyday style or style go-to’s?
I wear jeans almost daily. I’m definitely not a Lululemon, yoga pant wearing, person. I wear those things when I workout in the morning, but as soon as I’m done those go in the dirty clothes pile. Even if I put on jeans and a hoodie, or graphic tee, I don’t stay in my workout clothes all day. If it happens, that means I was very, very busy.
Heels or sneakers? 
Sneakers. Heels hurt.
Do you own any vintage pieces?
I have lots of vintage! I love when I buy vintage because its something that everyone else doesn’t have.
Let’s say you have an unlimited budget? Where are you shopping? 
Intermix, Saint Laurent, and definitely still Zara.
Do you have a junk drawer? What do you find yourself stashing in this drawer?
I actually don’t have a junk drawer in this closet. Well, not yet. I have a drawer that is “random”, but not junk. I have some extra shoe laces, buttons, safety pins, and boob tape! Ha!
What do you keep buying that you probably have enough of?
Graphic Tees. I love them. Once they get dingy I use them to work out in.

Do you hang out in your closet?
Yes! I actually just ordered a desk and chair to put by the window and make it my little “Clo-FFICE”. It’s the one space in my house that is just for me. I hide from my kids in there, hehe. I will say, since I’ve moved into my new closet, my daughter has taken more interest in my clothes and likes playing dress up.  That’s always fun.

Do you rotate your closet?
Absolutely. Most of the stuff in here is current to the season and approaching season. All of my heavier coats are in another closet, along with winter items. I haven’t brought out all of my sandals yet, and probably won’t until summer just to keep it more organized. I don’t like my space to be cluttered, so switching out seasons really helps with that.

With a simple one-word response, share yay or nay to the question:
Mixing metals? Yay
Yeezys? NAY! Big Nay!
Statement necklaces? Yay (when done right)
Neon clothing? Yay (When done right)
Dad hats? Nay
Clear shoes? Nay
Socks with heels? Yay
Sneakers with dresses? Yay
Menswear? Yay

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