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Last Thursday, Pattern launched officially with a fantastic evening of fashion and networking. I was really looking forward to the event because it would allow me to interact with some of my twitter followers face to face. I was especially looking forward to meeting Kaitlin Elyse. Elyse was also one of the invited speakers at the launch event. She spoke about her experience within the Indianapolis fashion industry, and the launch of her unique boutique called “The Snappy Dresser” which opened in Fountain Square this past Friday.

The Snappy Dresser is a resale boutique located inside an existing store called Spark. Don’t even think about calling it a thrift store! What’s the difference between resale and a thrift store? “A thrift store is just full of racks of junk. A resale store is where all the good stuff has been found”, says Elyse. She spends time digging through all the junk at thrift stores to find gems to bring back to The Snappy Dresser. Her experience as a stylist helps her to pick out pieces that would take an average shopper hours in a thrift store to find. The guys selection is small right now, but Elyse is always keeping her eye out for those fashionable men’s finds. The store focuses on the fashionable designer labels. I am not going to name designer names, but trust me when I tell you,  Elyse has found some gems. Even better, the price range is super affordable with product ranging from $8.00 – $60.00.

Treasure-hunting skills aside, Elyse’s extensive experience in the industry has her offering not just clothing, but also unique styling services to her customers, head to toe, men and women. If her clients are looking for something specific, Elyse will keep an eye out for it on her next shopping adventure. Elyse also offers her stock of items for loan to other stylists and photographers for editorial photoshoots and styles photoshoots herself, most notably working with Fashion Wrap-up.

Last, but not least, The Snappy Dresser offers a selection of items from local designer House of 5th and is the only retail location you can buy them locally. T.Party clothing (Elyse’s own street wear label) will also become available towards the end of the month.

Looking at Elyse’s resume and portfolio, clients and industry professionals should know they are in experienced hands. Like many people associated with the Indianapolis fashion culture, quality experience is key. Elyse began her career while in college as a dresser at Midwest Fashion Week and later for other high profile shows in Indianapolis. “After a year and a half of being a dresser, I got really involved in styling. In 2010, Harrison College did a student show and a lot of styling happened. I got connected with a fellow commercial stylist and began professional styling”, says Elyse about her journey. She then focused exclusively on developing herself as a stylist, “A lot of people are stylists, designers, and consultants. I wanted to focus on one aspect of the business. Need to have FOCUS!”, says Elyse. She credits her experience with Fashion Wrap Up for really developing her own styling process. So for industry insiders and the average customer, it is a perfect opportunity to get professional styling input. Through her individual styling appointments, you can get a great starter wardrobe and advice from an industry professional.

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SECRET SPOT FOR INSPIRATION: Northern part of the Canal that when you look back you see a beautiful view of Indianapolis.





The Snappy Dresser:
Address: 1048 Virginia Ave // Indianapolis, Indiana // 46203
Electronic Mail: thesnappydresser@live.com
Twitter: @dressinasnap
Facebook: dressinasnap

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